Friday, April 23, 2010

My Jeep Girls....

So I know I've been MIA. Call it ignoring the computer somewhat and spending more time cleaning and hanging with my family if you want. However, I still need to document our lives so here's just a sweet glimpse into the Hicks Chicks ride in my Jeep on a sunny day with Daddy. I think we were actually on our way to an Easter Egg hunt or something and we all don't fit into the Jeep so guess who got to drive by her lonesome in the Van that seats 7. Yup, you guessed it but at least I could take these cute pictures of my family doing some joy riding and soaking up the Sunshine in MY Jeep!!

Check out those cute little heads poking up from the back seat. They wore hats so they wouldn't get so windblown!

Daddy buckling everyone in. Jeep seat belts aren't' the easiest things in the world.

And it wouldn't be right without a photo-op of my girlies on the top of the Jeep! I'm so glad they took after their momma and are Jeep Girls!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bowling w/the Family

Last month, (yes, I'm still catching up-you might get Easter photos by 4th of July) we celebrated Meme's birthday at Vestavia Bowl. It was my twins' idea but it turned out to be lots of fun, especially for the kidos. We might not be winning any tournaments anytime soon but it was fun watching them roll those balls down the lanes. Here's a few cute pictures I got during the festivities....

Gracie, Park (my nephew) and Maggie watching Park's ball roll SLOWLY down the lane. This time they even got all comfy and laid down. It's dark because half way through they put on the "cosmic" lights so we could bowl under the black lights! WooooHoooo!
Clara Paige rocking her unique form for getting that ball to the pins.

And still watching that ball lazily roll down the lane.......Nothin like a little moral support from your cousins.

And finally one more shot of my baby girls watching that lane. Sorry but I didn't get one shot of any one's face that day! Haha!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Everyone!