Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Pics from the Gardens

Monday, April 28, 2008

A day at the Gardens

Last Friday we went to Aldridge Gardens with Kim Lawson and her kidos, who just happen to be our cousins. We all had a blast!!! If you read Kim's blog too you may have already seen some pictures that seem very similar to these, and a great picture of my hind end, thanks Kim. We did seem to get shots of the same things. However, it was so nice to get to visit and play on a beautiful Friday.
Here's all the girls. Not sure where John Brady was during this one. Don't we have such adorable children??
Oh, here he is! We all got to see the family of Canadian Geese but JB wanted to see them up close and personal. Mama Goose wasn't too fond of that though.
We played ball, ran, ate a snack with some rather too friendly geese, fed the fish and turtles and just enjoyed the whole time together.
Here's my twinkies lovin' on each other. They do love on each other every once in a while.
Once we got through at the park we ate some lunch and headed to our house. We caught Mags and JB coloring together. Notice who loves the camera?????
I did catch one of them deep in coloring action. Thanks guys for such a wonderful day. I am so very happy that we are family and also friends. Love you all.

I took lots of pics so I may put together a slide show if I have time. Time seems to be the major factor these days.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Girls in Dresses

Ok so here is a picture of CP in her Easter Dress. I know its not a great one but it was the best we could do that day. Have a good week everyone. BTW--That's Gracie next to her.

It has occurred to me that I never posted a picture of my girls in thier Easter Dresses. I found this one but I can't seem to find one of CP. Don't they just look like they are up to no good. Sweet sweet innocence of childhood.
I'll see if I can find one of CP for ya.
Have a good week end and if any of ya are heading to Talladega, please be careful and avoid the red-necks unless you are one of them.
Tomorrow the Lawson's are coming to play with the girls so I should have some good pictures and great stories to tell there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So much for a warm bath....

Ok, I actually sat down to post earlier but just couldn't think of anything worthy of blogging. Sure, lots of things are going on with us but I just felt it was either not blog worthy or I'm just too tired to remember it all. Also, I haven't been taking many pictures lately so nothing there to post either. UNTIL......
So, the whole family was nestled all snug in their beds and I decided to take a long, hot, bubbly and relaxing bath. I check on everyone and all seems calm. I get the water ready and get in. I'm enjoying my time to myself thinking about all kinds of random things and getting lost in the peacefulness of it all. Suddenly I hear a weird scratching sound. I sit up a little bit trying to figure out where it came from. Ok, I decide that maybe it was nothing. I get all relaxed again and there it is again. I'm listening and it hits me that it's my dog, Kelsey, scratching at the bathroom door. This is very WEIRD b/c she never does that. So I get up and let her in the bathroom thinking that for some strange reason she wants to be with me. I tell her to lay down and then it happened. I want you to picture it ok. All chaos breaks loose.
Kelsey, is panting and acting kinda strange, she then positions herself on my nice bathroom rug and yep, she poops! And let me tell you it was not the poop of a happy dog if you get my drift. I'm looking in horror and jumping out of the bathtub as fast as I can. I sling open the door and run her out our back door. At that Alex gets up and checks on her too. She obviously has an upset stomach. I go back and get the nasty rug and sling it out the back door. Have you kept the image yet?? You guessed it. I did not grab a towel as I ran out of the bathroom. I mean my dog had diarrhea for Heaven's Sake!! So as I'm standing in the living room discussing this situation with my husband I realize that well, we have no blinds on our back door or our front door. All I find is a Disney Princess blanket to cover up with. Kelsey comes back in and seems to be ok now. Not sure if my pride or modesty is anymore but it is kinda funny now. It was not funny a little while ago.
I hope I have amused you again and reminded you why I call us the Hicks Circus! If it's not your child its your dog!!!
Kelsey is fine now and I did not finish my bath. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode when you'll probably hear my mom say, "Hey what's your bath mat doing on your back deck?"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A-day Game Trippin'

A couple of weekends ago we took off to the Loveliest Village for Auburn's A-day game. Here we are before we left. I guess I didn't get the All Orange All Auburn memo that day!!
Here are the troops tuffin' it to the stadium. Notice CP's shades and Gracie's HOT pink hat. Too funny. They were so excited.
Me and CP hangin out in the sunshine. It turned out to be such a beautiful day.
Here's a sneak peek at the Tigers. It was the twins first time in the stadium. They are such great little tigers. Thanks to Linda & James Clemens for the weekend hospitality. It it a lot for us and my parents to invade someone's home but they were great.

While we were there I got to visit with my life long friends Emily and Julie. CP took to both of them so well. Here she is "helping" Em write some notes. Love you guys!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Proud Mama!

Ok I'm at work so I have to report this quickly and I'll edit this later and give more details but I am just so proud of my little Clara Bug that I have to share. We have to go this morning to get her shots (immunizations) so we can register her for Kindergarten. (Yeah I know that's a whole different issue for me right now.) Anyway, I went round and round since I have not picked out a pediatrician yet trying to get these shots done. LOOONNNNGGG story short, we ended up at the Shelby Co. Health Dept. And before you all scrunch up your noses as I was prepared to do, it was not so bad. It was clean, nice and friendly. Anyway, my baby had to get 4 shots all at one time. Two in each arm. I was so very nervous for her. As I said I will share more with you later but Clara Paige Hicks did not shed one tear at all. She was a brave little soldier and I could not be more proud of her today. Way to Go CP!!!!!
Check back for the update and maybe a picture of her and her war wounds!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Bday JaJa!!

Happy Birthday Uncle JaJa (a day late, sorry)!!!
Hope it was a good one. We love ya!
Loved having dinner with ya last night.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Easter at MeMe & Pawpaw's

As promised here are pictures from our day at MeMe and PawPaw's for Easter. I know I'm a little behind on the blogging but we've had a lot going on and I've been covered over at work. Maybe I'll get a few pictures of them in their Easter Dresses soon too!
Here's Gracie swinging on her belly. And if you look closely you can see cousin Jackson on the go-cart!
Here's Maggie all smiles in her swing. My girls have loved to swing since they were tiny.
And of coarse here is Baby Park (he's not really a baby anymore but we'll probably always call him that). He was trying to jump with the girlies.
And finally here is my CP hunting Easter Eggs. She was really good at it this year! Well have a nice weekend everyone.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Shopping is not fun anymore!!

Looking at this picture is very deceiving. They look like 3 loving and adorable sisters but put them on a Sunday afternoon shopping trip and who knows what will come flying out of their mouths! Yes, that is what me and mom attempted to do yesterday. Some days they are alright when we all go out together. Yesterday was not the case. Aside from me wrestling Maggie out of the store while she is SCREAMING her head off b/c she will not ride in a buggy, I will only tell the funny stuff. FYI-it was one of those moments where I wanted to melt into the floor while I was walking past all the people. You mothers out there know the feeling, don't pretend you don't.
Anyway, the car rides were the funniest. At one point CP got really grumpy and was complaining about her booster seat rubbing her shorts the wrong way (and her). She couldn't quite get out what she wanted to say and so here is what we heard, "My Shorts are Driving Me The NUTS!!!" Me and Mom snickered at her and she got all fussy b/c we were laughing at her. I asked her later if her shorts were ok and she smiled as if there were never anything wrong and said, "Snug as a bug." ??? Girls!!!!
Also we heard, "I'm Trying to READ!" which was funny b/c it was Gracie. She can't read!! But she thinks she can. But her complaint came b/c Maggie had a spatula (don't ask) and was tapping her with it. She tapped once too hard so Nana had to fuss at her. We had told the girls if they would act better we would take them for ice cream (I know, bribery, but it works). So, at this point we hear CP say to Maggie, "Yep, there goes your ice cream out the window. Watch it fly!" I wish you could have heard it. It was hilarious. But we did end up getting ice cream and the journey, although exhausting, ended on a good note.
Mom and I are so brave we think we'll try it again today.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter at Ganny's(that's what the twins call her)

These are pictures of our Easter Celebration at my Granny's house (my mom's mom). We have such a large family and it's always so great to get to see everyone. My Granny has close to 15 or so Great-grandbabies!

Here's my Gracie with her Easter Basket looking for some eggs.
Here's Mags lookin for some eggs too! They really seemed to get the concept of hunting eggs more this year.
Here's my Twinkies. Were you paying attention? Can you tell who's who??
My girls love the Lawson girls and I'm so happy that they are so close even though they don't get to see each other very often. We love ya Emma & Abby. See you soon.
And here's my Clara Paige. Can you tell by the smile that she must have found an egg with some good loot in it??

Honestly I was feeling pretty awful this day but I can always take a moment to smile with one of my girlies!

And finally a pic of my three sweetie bugs.
Next up: Easter at MeMe's House.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apples have Crust???

One quick funny that my girls told Nana the other day: The girls have this new dislike for anything with a crust. It's mostly been sandwiches that we've had to de-crust lately but the other day Nana was cutting up an apple for them. They were sure to tell her to cut off the crust b/c they did NOT like the crust on Apples! Ha, who knew??

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Ansley's Party

If you know my family you will know that the Millers (Dodsons) and the Lowerys (Hicks) have been life long friends. So, a few weeks ago we took the trek up to Huntsville to Baby Ansley Miller's 1st birthday party. Baby Ansley's daddy is my best friend Rachel's brother. So in turn he's like family to me. One of our party gifts was bubbles so here are a few pics from the bubble adventure on the Miller's back deck. My girls LOVE bubbles. What little kid doesn't??

Here is Emily Dodson and my CP hangin out on the swing. They are such good friends and I'm so glad of that!!

And finally here is Baby Ansley (that's what the girls call her) in her Bday hat!! We had so much fun.
Easter pictures coming soon, I Promise!!