Friday, August 29, 2008


Now Prepare Yourself!
It's Finally Here!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

AUBURN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only two more days till College Football Kickoff for my Auburn Tigers!!

You know I'm a die hard AU fan. Well, the whole family is and we can't wait.

Al & I will be in Auburn Sat. for the game and I can just smell the bbq of tailgating, hear the cheers and take in all the orange and blue I can stand already. It's just a part of who we are.

Hope your team wins this weekend but only if they aren't playing us!!
War Eagle!!!!!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Glitter & Sparkles!

So here's what we do when Alex and the twins are away. While Alex and Maggie and Gracie took off for the beach with his parents CP and me stayed back to go to school and work. So we made it a totally fun weekend for the two of us. Part of that "fun" was a Mommy Makeover. I know you are so jealous of my high stylin blue eyeshadow courtesy of the Clara Paige Salon. IF my baby hadn't been so proud of it you WOULD NOT be seeing it. You can't see them very well but the dots on our faces are sparkles and glitter. We were hot stuff in our make up and pj's. We also went shopping and headed out to Rachel's Friday night to spend the night with Em, Bailey and the boys-Josh & Nate. It was so much fun. Then after that the rest of our family returned from their wonderful vacation. Just in time b/c we were missing them pretty badly at that point. Then we turned right back around and headed to Ttown for Abby Lawson's bday party. Whew, makes me tired all over again typing it but it was loads of fun!!
Kisses from the Mother-Daughter Divas!!
OH MY! Don't you wish you were Fabulous like us!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Golf Cart Story!

Well this is the damage from the outside. A few weekends ago Wendi and I ventured out to have a Yard Sale at her house. Long story short as I can make it, this is what I hear from our house as I was in Wendi's driveway. "BAM!" Then I hear Alex say, "You didn't hear that did you? " Next I hear him mutter something about a door. So I hit it running across the street yelling, "What Did You Do?" (It's not an easy run either. Up hill all the way.) So above is what I see as I come running around the corner. I was so out of breath and just shocked all I could do was lay out on the hood of my mom's van. This is the view from inside. Alex had been "working" on our golf cart for several days getting it fixed and in shape for the AU game coming up. However, he did something to it and it took off full speed BY ITSELF toward our garage door. He says he jumped out to catch it but it knocked him back. Are you laughing yet?? I was NOT at the time but everyone else that saw it did. Later I even caught Wendi's husband Todd secretly laughing inside his house he was so amused at our misfortune. What can you do but laugh at a story like that? Thank the Lord that the door was closed and there were no kids around. He felt terrible about it but well what can I say??

Below is the culprit that destroyed our garage door. But hey, at least it looks good! If we only could have caught it on video. Man I can't believe we missed that $10,000 and a chance to be on TV.

And then the Calvary showed up the next weekend. Thanks Uncle Lumpy #1 for helping Al put up the new door and well #2 for working at a Garage Door Distributor.

Oh the days of our lives! The new one is up now and looks great! We've been super busy lately so I have other posts to make this week and then its off to support the Tigers in their opening game next Saturday! WAR EAGLE!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yep they're sick too...

Well everyone pray the twins get better quick. They have come down with whatever CP had. So I have an appt. tomorrow a.m. with our doctor (Dr. Jason Todd). They don't seem to have it as badly as Clara did but the kicker is that Mags and Gracie are suppose to leave tomorrow with Alex to head down to the beach to meet up with his parents. Me and CP are going to hang back here since we have school and work. However, if my girlies are too sick they might have to miss out on the trip too. That would be terrible. So, I'm off to do a little packing and praying myself.
Don't worry about me and CP. We have a fun girls weekend planned if it all works out. Plus there might be another beach trip around the corner too!! Ya never know around here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Poor Girl

Well, here's a fast update. Clara Paige loves school and has done exceptionally well. She even got to paint first one day b/c her teacher said she had behaved the best. She's told us about art, music, the gym, lunch time, nap time and sang a song to us that she learned.
However, she told me on the way home from church Wed. night, that she tripped in the lunch room and dropped her tray AND had to go see the nurse for ice to put on her elbow. She seemed fine and like it did not faze her. I was chokin' back the tiny tear that filled my eye b/c I felt so sorry for her.
So yesterday, she comes home in the extra clothes I had sent to school for her. (They were too small by the way-good job Mommy) My sweet CP had thrown up at school and obviously did not feel very well. I think the teacher must have thought that she choked on her lunch or something according to CP.
All of that so say that my girl is home sick today. She has some kind of virus or bug. We aren't even through the first full week of school and we're staying home sick. Just pray we don't all get it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kids Conversations

The other day I was in the computer room and the girls were in the playroom "pretending." This is what I heard:

Maggie: "Well, I'm going to eat my lunch in the Jelly Bean!"
Clara Paige: "Huh? You mean that thing, Oh, what's it called?"
Maggie: "Oh Yeah, I mean the Jelly Bean Bag."

This is what they were talking about......

Last Time I checked it was just a Bean bag but hey in our house apparently its a JELLY BEAN BAG!

Monday, August 11, 2008

School thoughts...

I couldn't comment in the post below and it show the slide shows at the same time so I'll do it here and you can scan down to see my Big Girl going to school. It just does not seem like 5 1/2 years have gone by since my Clara Paige was born. She did so great the 1st day of school. And surprisingly I did well too. I had my "Mommy cry" the night before. The letting go part is the hardest however, I am so very proud of her and can't wait to see how much she learns this year. Alex and I both are happy with her teacher and think the school year will be a blast for our Clara Paige. We love you sweetie and you'll always be my Baby Girl!!!!

So, moms out there, if you've already gone through this you know what I mean. If your gonna be there soon, just remember that time goes by with each blink of an eye and before you know it your babies will start school and grow up before your eyes. Just enjoy it and love each and every moment of their adorable lives. I look forward to the future that lies ahead for my girls and our family even if it hurts inside a little bit every now and then. It's worth it!!!

Starting School!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fan Day 2008

Last Weekend we went to Auburn for Fan Day! The girls had an
absolutely wonderful time despite the smoldering heat. We are Tiger
Fans through and through. War Eagle and get ready, Football will be
here before you know it.
First day of school went well. She and I both did very well.
More to come I promise.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Babies Babies Babies

Here's a few pictures from our trip to see the Dodson Twins last week.
They are so adorable and tiny. It makes me miss having a little baby. I do not want another one however. I'm just so glad I can re-live the twin memories as Rachel lives it with her twins!

CP holding Josh, I think.

My mom and Gracie making GooGoo faces at Josh, I think.

Me, CP and Mags with Nate, I'm pretty sure.

CP and Mags with Nate. Oh I don't know which one it is. I forgot. I sure hope Rach is marking her pictures. One thing that was hard when my girls were infants was figuring out which one was who in pictures.
First day of School tomorrow....More to come soon!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

quick update.....

My Baby is starting Kindergarten!!
Ok, so I just thought I would take a quick moment to update everyone. So, this week is s tough on the Mommy in me! My sweet baby that was once so tiny and born with a head full of BLACK hair is now 5 1/2 years old and starting Kindergarten on this Thursday. We went to meet the Teacher yesterday and Al & I have the teachers Meeting tonight. I'll be sure to give more details soon and post a picture or two.
Also, this past weekend we went to the Promised Land for Fan Day. For those of you unfortunate souls who are not big SEC football fans, I am referring to Auburn!! :) Alex and I enjoyed it so much through the eyes or our girls. More on that soon too.
And, to top it all off I'm having a Yard Sale this weekend and well I'm not in the least bit ready for it.
So, say a quick prayer for me and more to come soon. I promise!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't Laugh!

"Don't Need Nothin' But A Good Time!!"

Ok, you can laugh if ya want. Last weekend some good friends from church invited us to a POISON concert at the Amphitheatre. Yep, good ole' COC folks!! And well they're AUBURN folks too! Anyway, Alex and I enjoyed ourselves so much and it was so much fun going back to all those 80's songs.

Here's a little video I took with Al's cell phone so you can't see much but I bet if you're around my age you can recognize the tune!

Rock On my fellow 80's children!

Tony & Jana Brimingham
Whitney Pruitt & Me
Keith & Donna Strickland