Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mom & Dad took the girls to their house Sunday and they stayed til today. Anyway, yesterday I think Nana had a few of those Calgon moments with the girls. All 3 of my little precious angels were in the spare bedroom with the computer and before mom knew what had happened they had all 3 pooled their brilliant minds and emptied a file cabinet of all its folders and to finish their thorough job, emptied every folder too. Mom was so overwhelmed she just put them in the van. I'm not sure she even knew where she was taking them but they ended up at the Park. Seems like perfect punishment for file tampering to me. Then that same afternoon Maggie came running into mom's kitchen wanting a "towel". When mom inquired to why she needed it she just ran off in a scurry yelling, "I Mark, I Mark!!" Needless to say CP came in to "explain" (not tattle of coarse) that Maggie had drawn on the wall with a pencil. Thank goodness it was a pencil. I think it was cleaned and all is well.
Today they went to Necia's "house" to get their hair cut. Again mom took them and I think it was kinda hectic but all 3 girls look fresh and adorable with their new do's! They also went to visit some more special girls in my life, the Castlemans. Mom said that CP loves Elise. I can't believe how much my Castleman girls have grown. Love you guys!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Days!

Well we had a pretty good weekend I guess you could say. We still do not have any offers on the house but we are showing it again tomorrow so everyone cross their fingers for us. A few prayers wouldn't hurt either.
As you can see we have quite the dress up queens in our house these days. Clara Paige and Maggie were singing a Hannah Montana song, I believe it was. Imagine that?! :)
All the girls also enjoyed helping mommy and daddy water the flowers in the front yard on Saturday. They really are good at helping out.
Sunday I took the girls to Kim Lawson's again to get some pictures taken. This time we did pretty pink smocked dresses. I hope we got some good ones. Maggie didn't want to cooperate too much with the group shots but she sure did ham it up for her individuals! You should be able to go to kimlawsonphotography.com and seem them soon. Shameless plug in there for ya Kim. ;)
Then Nana & Pappy came to get all the girls and take them back to Bham for a few days. Gosh this house seems quiet without our little munchkins. I miss them already but might get caught up on some chores or get to read a little bit. God bless grandparents!! Especially Nana
& Pappy.
Have a great week everybody!!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day!

We had a nice Father's Day yesterday. We went to church and then drove to Bham to eat lunch with Nana & Pappy. Mom cooked and It was realllllyyyy gooooddd! Unfortunately my family only gets home cooked meals when one of our moms cooks it. Maybe once we get this house sold I can concentrate on more domestic issues. We then came home and just hung out as a family. I hope Alex enjoyed his day. We couldn't make it without him! We love our Daddy!!!
Mom took the girls to the fountain at the park today. Aunt Wendy just happened to drive by and see them but she wasn't even sure it was them. How funny!! Sorry no pictures this time.
I have a new Mantra as you may want to call it. I was reading in Glamour and it just hit me. "You make today as good as you want it to be, Babydoll." is what it said. That is so true. I choose whether to make my day good or bad. Even with life's troubles I am the one who ultimately decides whether my day is positive or negative. So far it is working for me. I'll keep you posted. Of coarse this is all true with God's help!! Keep the faith everyone!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just hangin out!

Here are just some cute pics of the girls. Maggie is at the top. She's being serious which is not like her usual self. Clara Paige has learned to pose for the camera which can be good or bad at times. And then there's Gracie in her Pink AU hat. You gotta love it no matter what SEC school you support!!
We've been pretty busy showing the house lately. We've shown it about 5 times in the last week. Everyone pray that someone out of all those people will like it enough to make us an offer. I'm gonna miss Ttown and part of my heart will always be here but I'm ready to move on and see what God has in store for us.
Alex and Clara Paige went to the beach with Al's family this past week so it was me and the twins Wed-Sat. Al and Clara Paige had a blast. It seems my little girl is quite the Crab hunter. She brought back lots of shells too. Mag and Gracie were very glad to get their Daddy and "Cara" Paige back. We just aren't a family with out the whole gang together.
I went to Rachel's last night and stayed so we could get some girlfriend time in. It was sooooo nice. I really enjoyed it so very much. She and I can laugh and talk until we literally fall asleep. I saw Allison Barnett Murphy last night too. It was soo good to see an old friend like that. And then there was the little cashier at Walmart who thought Rach and me were in our early 20's. God love him!!! And then there was Robby calling Chris Capps. I guess you just had to be there. Friends like that don't just come along everyday. Love you Rach.
Well Everyone have a great day and talk to ya again soon!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our trip to Music City (Nashville) was a lot of fun. Alex and I had some time Monday and Tuesday to spend together and I actually had some time to myself!! It was great but I was ready for my little munchkins to get there on Wednesday. We ate at some great places, took in down town and took these pics at the Opry Land Hotel. It is such a huge and beautiful place to get some beautiful pictures of my beautiful girls.

Friday, June 8, 2007


Ok sorry its been a while since I've posted. We are in Nashville this week. I took a well needed break from work to go on a business trip with Alex to Nashville, TN. Mom & Dad brought the girls up on Wednesday so we have been having lots of fun. I'll be sure to post some pics soon. I think the most fun the girls have had so far is playing in the hotel swiming pools. Who would have thought we would have to travel all the way to Tennessee to swim!?!