Friday, April 24, 2009

And Finally Easter Post #3!

For my last installment on our lovely Easter weekend we will make our final stop at Meme and PawPaw's house. As you can see, my girlies got to dye eggs with their Meme. They usually do this every year.

And here's Easter morning with Mags smiling next to her goodies the Easter Bunny left for her. They were all so impressed that the Easter Bunny actually knew where to leave their stuff since we weren't at home on Easter morning. That Easter bunny sure is something.

And of coarse here are Cp and Gracie checking out all of their stuff. We're heading to the beach after school gets out so the Easter Bunny thought ahead and brought some floaties and beachy stuff this year. It went over pretty well I think.

Here's a picture of the lovely display before the girls tore into it!

And here is a picture of me and my precious girlies in Meme and PawPaw's front yard right before we left for church. Alex opted out of the picture b/c he was still in his sling.
And, well here's just a sweet ending to our fun and full filled Eater holiday this year.

Me and mom are off to Stone Mountain with the girls tomorrow so wish us well and throw a prayer or two in there somewhere if ya can. It's the first road trip with just me and mom and the girls. Alex works at Talladega so we decided to take off for a fun weekend trip. I'm sure there will be fun stories and pictures from that. Until then, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a few Quick Happies...

Ok, so I have one more Easter post for you but today I just thought I'd tell you all I love ya.
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter - Post #2

Ok so it's been a whole week since Easter! The bunnies are all put away and the celebrations are over and here I am STILL posting from last weekend and I haven't even gotten to our actual Easter Sunday! Bare with me please. I know you may be well past it but well, it's my blog and I enjoy sharing with y'all!
The Saturday before Easter we always go to my Granny's house. This my mom's side of the family and well, it's pretty big if you haven't already figured that from previous holiday posts. There's always good food and lots of family fun for all of us, at all ages. Here we are right before we headed out. Gracie was with my mom that morning so she missed out on this photo op.

Here are all the kidos (great-grandchildren) and there are lots of them. Believe me! Between me and all my cousins we've managed to add on average at least one baby a year or so to the total. The kids were all anxiously waiting to start their Easter Egg Hunting Extravaganza (with one minor delay due to JB3's potty call)!!

Sweet Abby Claire and Clara Paige waiting on the eggs to be hidden. They are only around 5 months apart.

CP collecting all her loot!!

My darling baby girls on the Hunt for the Good Eggs. You know, the ones with either $$ or better yet candy in them!

Emma and CP were serious hunters and they worked pretty good as a team.

I have just a slew of cousins. Yes, I said slew. It's a pretty good term for all of us. I'm not going to take the time to count us all but on both sides of my family it probably comes around to something like 17 cousins in all. These sweet girlies are my ONLY 2 GIRL cousins out of the whole lot of us! Courtney is on my left and Jamie on the right. Love you girls! We don't get photos of the 3 of us together very often anymore so this is special even if we aren't dressed in our beautiful Easter dresses our Granny use to make for us every year!!

Here's the first of a few of my favorite "moments" captured from the day. These may not be perfect pictures but they certainly were "Kodak" moments for me. Nana and her Mags sharing some fun time together.

And here is a quick picture stolen of my man in his body cast. Ok, ok it's just a monster sling he had to wear for 3 weeks. Praise the Lord he's in a normal sling now and improving by the day!

And one of my definite favs from the day is the expression on my Mag's face after discovering some "goods" from one of her eggs. It's what holidays, family and childhood memories are made of if you ask me.
Only one more Easter Post to come I promise, and it won't be this long.
Love to all and have a great week!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter - Post #1

Ok since we have the computer back and it's all nice and healthy, I'm going to attempt to get you and me all caught up!

First off, Clara Paige now has lost both of her top front teeth. She lost the second one so soon after the first one I didn't have time to even blog about the first one. Anyway, she is our adorable snaggle-tooth for now!!

For the first installment of our Easter festivities I will share a little of our Church Easter Egg Hunt! Here's CP hunting away in the bushes.

This is my Mags with her sweet friend, Miss Erica Strickland! Erica won the second prize egg.

Here's a funny picture of my Gracie. Not sure what she's doing here. Maybe she's plotting her next attempt at finding eggs. She was all about hunting those eggs. They were pretty easy to find and were all filled with candy and other goodies!

And here's a pretty decent picture of my lovely little trio of girls.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updates and Yard Work

Well here are a few updates:

  • Computer has recovered from it's virus and is back at home now. Yippee. Now I can really post again. PS- we got the virus from facebook so be careful when using it.

  • Alex goes back to the doctor Thursday so cross your fingers he gets to do away with the sling. He also had a tooth pulled today. Yikes!!

  • Al's dad's surgery went very well and we should know the prognosis this week hopefully.

  • My brother's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Jonathan. Love you!

  • I have lots of pictures to post and lots to catch you up on so stay tuned.

I did attach some pictures for you from a couple of weeks ago. The girls helped my mom and brother rake leaves in their front yard. Mom (Nana) says that my Gracie was quite the worker. The other two lasted a little while and retreated back in the house to watch TV.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Al's Dad

Just wanted to put a quick note on here that Alex's dad had one-day surgery today to remove a tumor on his bladder. He's home and recovering but please keep him and us all in your prayers that it is not cancerous and everything will be fine. Have a great Easter weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Computers and Sweet Girls

OK folks you are now informed that we AGAIN have home computer problems. It looks like it has come down with a nasty virus of some kind. SO that means I'm limited to posting from Al's computer, my work (Shhhh) and Mom's computer. That also means I don't have access to my pictures. Oh the horror!! That's the most fun part. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder about the darn thing. It's like it's wanting to be put out with trash. Oh well, when it's all better I'll post some pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt last weekend. Maybe I can get some from mom to post. That might work.

Also, I have something I want to share with you. It was a sweet moment with my twins that I just need to document so I can come back and read it when I want or need to. Last night we were snuggled on the couch watching American Idol (remember Maggie's gonna be on it someday-you just wait). Anyway, my sweet Gracie looked up at me and said, "I miss Pappy." Well you can imagine what that does to my heart. I told her that I had missed him a lot that day too. And I had missed my dad more than usual for some reason or other. Mags joined in and told me she missed him too. But then she said the most intriguing thing:
She said, "But you know what?"
I said, "What baby?"
She: "He's always with me though."
Me: "Yes, you mean he's always in your heart, right?!"
She: (pointing her finger at me and winking-no lie) "You got it Mommy!"

Wow, I'm sure she's heard that from one of us before but Wow! The forethought of a four year old to put my thoughts in perspective. Gosh I love my girls!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 More Weeks

Well, Al had his post-op appointment with Dr. Davis today and since he still can't drive I got to drive him there. Everything is looking fine. He got the stitches out today. However, he gets to wear the big sling for 2 more weeks. I know you are dying to see it so maybe I'll sneak a picture of him in it soon. Two more weeks of "the Sling" means a possible two more weeks off work. He won't start therapy until he's out of the sling. (I think Dr. Davis has Alex pegged and knows he needs to keep him in it to keep his shoulder safe - right honey??!!) I will say that Alex has done everything that Dr. Davis has asked of him to this point. And can I say we really like Dr. Matt Davis. He's been great so far and easy to work with. I've been pleased with using him through this adventure. So, for those of you who may need an Orthopedic Doc in your future, I think he's a good one. I know there are the "BIG" names here in the B'ham area but Dr. Davis is close by and knows his stuff! Anyone who can handle my Alex as a patient is a good doctor to me!!!