Monday, January 25, 2010

My Baby is 7!!

Our Internet has been whacked out for the last few days so I missed my baby girls birthday. She turned 7 years old on Saturday at 8:23 pm. It's so hard to believe that it's been 7 years since I first laid eyes on my precious angel girl. She's growing up faster than I care to admit but she's got a light and spirit about her that I can't deny.
Hope you had an excellent birthday my sweet girl!
Many things to post including sleepover birthday photos but I just had to get my Clara Paige's Birthday post up first!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Last One I Promise..

Ok so it's so far past Christmas you probably don't even want to read about it but for memories sake I can't move on until I post some pictures from our annual lunch at my Granny's house. We gather every year together for a meal, usually the Saturday before Christmas, all 50+ of us! It's always an interesting day but so full of family you almost can't stand it!!

My sweet Clara Paige ready to do some scrap booking on the front porch.
Aunt Charlotte (aka Red Charlie) had the excellent idea for the kids to bring pictures and do Christmas scrap books. My girls LOVED it! Thank you so much Red Charlie for that idea and for taking the time and effort to organize and oversee the project. We love you.

And here they are waiting for the highlight of the day: Presents! Cousin Emma, Clara Paige, Gracie, Maggie and Cousin John Brady sure are waiting patiently. This is, of coarse, is before all the chaos of unwrapping begins. But hey, the kidos love it!!
And as promised that concludes our 2009 Christmas experience! You may proceed to your regularly scheduled blogs now.
So, next post spoiler - some body (or bodies) get their hair cut (lots of hairs cut)!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I still have highlights from the Holidays to share with ya so hang on for a whirlwind tour.
CSI (Casualty & Surety, Inc.) Christmas Party 2009.
This is Cassie and me showing off our Tiger pride. It was a dirty Santa game. The tie was suppose to be a gag but ended up with and AU fan anyway!
Me & two of my work buddies, Linsey and Andrea!! We clean up pretty good I think.

My babies were in their first School Program at Preschool. They were my bright and shining stars at the First Baptist of Alabaster K-4 Christmas Program. They sang the sweetest songs and loved the attention!! Nana and Meme & Pawpaw came to see them perform.

We also went to Callaway Gardens to see the Parade of Lights that they have there every year. It really is a pretty sight but no in freezing, rainy weather!! Here is Alex with his CP trying to stay warm.
We went w/Rachel and her family and our family friends, James & Linda Clemens. We made the best of it through the frosty noses and wet shoes because we were with family and friends!!!

And here's a picture of the crew while we took a quick reprieve into the Butterfly House at Callaway Gardens. We didn't see many butterflies but it was warm and dry and the girls had fun!! More to come so stand by and maybe I'll move on from the Holidays soon!!
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayers Needed....

I have things to post and catch you up on but I need a Prayer Favor from you guys first. Well actually I need a few. I'm home from work this week with a nasty respiratory infection so I thought I'd take a few minutes while I'm coherent to fill you in on the last week. I hate reporting sad news but these folks need some extra thoughts and words sent up to our Lord for comfort....

First, The Feltman/Lowery families out of Berry, AL need our love and prayers as they lost a precious life this past week. Michelle Lowery Feltman passed away unexpectedly after a surgery on her ankle. She leaves behind a husband and precious 8 year old daughter. I've met Michelle several times at my cousin's children's birthday parties. She had a special love of life that you could feel from just being around her. We always had conversations about having the same maiden names (Michele Lowery & Michelle Lowery). Anyway, there are a lot of folks hurting because of her loss. I hope they can find the strength and comfort needed and that her sweet daughter can find the peace and answers she must need right now.

Second, The Stanfield family needs prayers for the loss of their daughter/sister Sarah Stanfield. I did not know Sarah but I did grow up with her brothers at Homewood Church of Christ. She was only 26 years old and I know they too need the Lord to surround them and love on them.

Finally, I am asking that you pray for a friend of mine's daughter. I've talked about her before. Back in November she had surgery on both of her legs. She is still in a lot of pain and she and her parents desperately need answers and comfort. Her name is Bailee Bryant. I went to high school with her mom/dad and they are a precious family!

Thanks guys. I know the power of prayer and believe in it strongly. So I'm gonna hit my knees in a few then head off back to bed to rest. Have a nice day and stay warm in all this cold weather!

Maybe it will snow. I'm not a big fan but everyone else around here is.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

So Christmas has come and gone once more. It was a busy time for my family so I'm having to hit the highlights for you.
We always go to Al's family for Christmas Eve. Here's all the Hicks grand kids ready to open presents.
A sweet moment caught with PawPaw reading a book.

Here's the loot from Santa all pretty and organized.

Here's the tornado that ensues once they are let loose on the loot.

My babies with their new BFC Dolls. These cute girlies were on top of my girlies list so they were very happy. We had a pretty good Christmas. Lots of presents and lots of love. It was still tough with out my dad there but my girls were happy and that makes all the difference for me.
More to come soon....
PS- Happy New Year - Here's to a new year and new beginnings. I wish nothing but good things for you this year. I'm starting mine with an Auburn win (I hope)!!! War Eagle!!!!!