Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Few Random Shots

So I'll never get caught up if I don't just post some random pictures from the last few months of our lives.

I know this is a horrible photo but my baby girl is in the pink shirt at the microphone during the 2nd grade program. She had a speaking part and did excellent!!!
Here she is waiting on her turn at the mic! They all did such a great job singing their songs. All of my girls still break out in the "High Five Hand Jive" every now and then!

Showing off our "AU Girls Love Aubie" shirts our Meme got for us. They are so cute!! We love anything orange and blue ya know.

Here's one of their bright and shiny faces in case you forgot what they look like! ha!

And here's one from Hat day at school. It's the schools sneaky way of making money. You pay $1.00 then you can wear a hat to school. It's fun for the kidos and the school makes a buck or two! And yes I know CP looks like she's off to play baseball. It was not intentional. It just worked out that way. She'd make a pretty darn cute one don't ya think??
Oh more to come. Don't you worry. I have all kinds of AU shots for you. I know you just can't wait!! And there's Halloween and our First Cheerleading Competition!! Whew, I've got lots of catching up to do! and so is the story of my life......