Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's almost that time again......

Yes, football fans it's almost that time again. And if you cheer for that other team then it's about the time of year to overlook or dismiss or just ignore my multiple AU posts. Anyway, several weeks ago we headed to the AU Fall Kickoff hosted by the B'ham Area Auburn Club.
Here's our future AU students posing by the AU balloon art.
(I guess that's what you call it)
Check out that Eagle! Amazing to be so close to such a regal and graceful animal.
War Eagle indeed!

Coach Chiz signing some autographs. He also spoke at the event and man he's committed and fired up about this season. Can't wait to see what we put on the field this year!!

And while we were there we just had to get our faces painted. What else would you get other than a Tiger face at an AU gathering!!

So, here ya go: My Little Tigerettes!
I'll just leave it at that for you now folks but you just wait, there's a more orange & blue a coming your way soon......
Also, don't think I have forgotten that this was my babies' first year of school. I'm still working on that and kinda still denying it a little bit too I think! haha....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

School has Started

Yes the 2010-2011 school year officially started today in Shelby County. AND my sweet twins started KINDERGARTEN today along with their big sissy starting 2nd grade! Where oh where has all the time gone? More to come later......

Beach Finally or Beach Finale!!

So I will end our LOONNGGG journey through our beach trip. Remember that fateful night with CP? (If you don't then scan down a post or two) Well unfortunately we were not lucky enough to escape it that easily. Maggie, Meme & PawPaw all came down with it also. So much so that Meme & Pawpaw left early. We hated to see them go but we trudged on with our trip......

Me with my beach babes
One of our last nights in PCB we juast had to eat at Shuckums! Alas we had no oysters well because we don't eat oysters but we had a great time. The girls loved looking at all the signed and colored and decorated dollar bills posted everywhere.

And as always I force my darlings to take some pictures on the beach. Yes, I admit willingly that I am not photographer! (thank goodness we have several in the family) However, I do try to at least get a few pretty shots of them, squinty eyes and all.

I can always count on a good "looking at the water" shot.

And I'll bid farewell to our 2010 Beach trip with our final picture of the Hicks Beach Divas in their Sun Shades!!
Until next year........

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Part 4

I know, I know - it's the never ending Beach Trip but oh well guess you'll just have to grin and bear it! One day I'll be so glad I took the time to document all this.

Doesn't everyone do cartwheels on the beach??

Family Portrait at Pier Park. We really enjoyed that place. It has everything you could need and more. There's the souvenir shopping, great restaurants, cute boutiques, a Target, a mall, a movie theatre & even some of the old rides from the Miracle Strip for the kiddies to enjoy.

PawPaw & Meme with their grand-girlies!

AND we found these hilarious hats at Ron Jon's Surf Shop. They were hilarious!! Seems "Crazy Bach Hair" runs in the family!! haha...

Here's Alex w/the girls in one of those old Miracle Strip rides. They loved it. So special that they saved these rides and to see my kidos enjoying something from mine & Alex's childhood!

Sorry but there's still a little more to come but it will be painless I promise.