Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beach With the Nanas

My Bestest girl friend, Rachel and I planned a trip last month with our moms to Orange Beach, AL. We needed the break and knew for sure that our wonderful moms did too (both are otherwise known as Nana to their grandchildren)! We stayed at a beautiful condo and made some great memories on our special weekend together. Our condo, the Phoenix West, was right next to the Big Blue House in Orange Beach if you are familiar with the area. I have posted just a few picutres from our journey. We ate at some great places whether they be local favorites (Doc's) or newer finds like Cosmos (love that place). We found some adorable shops at the Wharf and watched Evan Lysacek win the Olympic gold and tortured ourselved through the strangest movie (Elizabethtown). If that's your favorite movie, I'm sorry if I offend but then again you might need therapy if that's your favorite movie because it's weird!! Heehee... We even stopped at the Casino on the way home for a potty break. Fun place to stop just for fun. No gambling occurred so rest easy there everyone. I don't know if we'll make this trip an annual event but I certainly cherish the time we spent together. Maybe it can be a bi-annual trip. We'll see.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures......

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is Amblyopia???

Well if you are my Gracie then its a great excuse to get to wear pink glasses made just for her.

To make a very long story shorter - I took the twins for their 5 year old check up. Our new pediatrician, Dr. Dudgeon (we really like him) discovered that my sweet Gracie had a vision problem with her left eye. Of coarse this distressed me greatly as a mother. How did I not know this? How long has it been that way? Why hasn't she said anything? - There aren't any real answers to those questions but the next week I made appointments for all my girls with good ole Schaeffer Eye Center. Great folks there too by the way!!
It seems my baby girl's left eye is just plain old lazy. I always thought "Lazy Eye" was when one eye didn't look in the same direction as the other. I was apparently ignorant and wrong. Her left eye does turn in a little bit but very slightly and that's not the real problem. She sees much worse with her left than her right so - Pink Glasses it is. She's never hesitated or questioned having to get them. She even cried when I told her she could not get them the day of the examination. She's so darn proud of them it just makes my heart hurt and smile all at the same time. I've already dealt with my mom guilt and worry about it. I'm past it because she's handled it much better than I have. SO.......
do not feel sorry for her because she thinks she's just the hottest stuff in those PINK GLASSES and I think so too!! I think it makes her feel like an individual and I can understand that can't you? One small sad thing for me is that everyone now will know which twin is which. I know that sounds crazy but it's just been a part of our lives for the last 5 years so it's kind of a melancholy feeling. Maybe it's because they are growing up and I'm just having to admit that more than I like. I better start preparing for those teenage years because they'll be here WAYYYYY sooner that Alex & I will be prepared for them!!

OH yeah - like her shirt?? - funny huh?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adventures of an LPSO

Don't know what an LPSO is? Well then you don't have a young girl the ages of 5-8ish then do you? LPSO stands for Littlest Pet Shop Online. Clara Paige got one for her birthday which she so lovingly named "LollyPup." Cute name I thought. It's kind of their version of a Webkinz (but much harder to use online). Anyway, it seems our LPSO upon arriving at our house seemed to have taken a trip around our living room to settle in her new surroundings and some small budding photographer took it upon herself to record the journey. It could have been a collaborative effort though.
Here she is in all her glory defying gravity and sitting alone on the arm of our sofa. Looks like we could have picked up the video camera and got some actions shots too. I might have to check that out! I think she must have gotten a little sleepy and stopped to snuggle up and catch some "ZZZZZ's" before leaving the sofa.

Next, LollyPup seems to have stopped by to do some sit-ups with Gracie on the floor or possibly she's just staring at the ceiling fan. Not real sure.

Seems she might have been frightened by something and jumped onto the top of the sofa for safety. Maybe she was hiding from that big spotted monster that lives in our house who's been known to tear up a stuffed animal in her day. And again the video camera, plus a Bible and a pink Solo cup with the remnants of some Coke in it. Isn't that what everyone has on their end tables?

And finally after her exciting trip around our living room she found her way home to her momma, safe and sound all swaddled up and ready for bed.
Goes to show, ya never know what's going to end up on my camera!
Have a great week everyone.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back in January...

this little girl I kinda am attached to had a birthday so I need to go back and share that with ya. Hope you don't mind.
This was the b'day cake my CP requested and she wanted to be sure it had orange and blue butterflies on it! Oh yeah, she did!! Can't say she isn't being raised in an ALL AU family.

Her party was a girly-girl sleepover complete with make-overs and a fashion show! Look at all the beauties that were there. Man, if you weren't there, I hate you missed it! A special belated thanks goes out to our hair stylist, Mrs. Rachel Dodson and our manicurist, Mrs. Kimberly Lawson. Couldn't have done it w/out ya girls!

Here's my baby girl looking all too teenager-ish but very posh and chic and ready for the cat walk!

And here is Gracie struttin her stuff down the run way. Please note each girl had an array of styles and articles of clothing to choose from. Each model styled herself for the evening.

And of coarse our local Fashion Police herself, Ms. Maggie, was also very much made into a high fashion diva for the evening!
Here's my Gracie providing mid-morning entertainment the next day using the Barbie Karaoke machine. We were honored to hear various renditions of Barbie songs throughout the morning by various artists (party participants)!!

There's more but I've got to get myself upstairs and head off to bed!! Later....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I have NO Idea what all I have to play catch up on with this blog but since I've been MIA for so long I'm gonna hit the highlights for ya. Here are a few shots of the pretty but fleeting snow we had a couple of weeks ago plus a few random pictures for you. Coming into our Neighborhood. It was pretty and then gone; just the kind of snow I like!
Through my windshield on the road to our house.

Our house in the snow. It never quite covered the ground so the girls weren't too interested in making a snow man this time.

My pretty Valentine tulips from my Alex. Tulips are my all time favorite. Forget the roses and get me some tulips any time.

And a late Valentines greeting from My Little Mermaids. The costumes were an excellent steal from the Disney Store last month. I've got Halloween all wrapped up already!! Woo Hoo!!
More speed posting coming soon.....

Friday, March 12, 2010


Our computer should be back today from the Tech Hospital (again) today. Having to use the hubby's work computer for a second. Hopefully I'll get back to posting for you very very soon!!