Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tiger Prowl 2010

CAUTION: Auburn post below. Just thought I'd give ya a warning since it's not football season!

OK so a few weeks ago we stopped by on our way to Wednesday night church to check out the Auburn Tiger Prowl bus. It was pretty darn awesome! Our good friends the Stricklands & Nana met us there too. I know it's a ways off from football season but this was a great boost to get our blood pumping for the upcoming season.
Here are the girlies hanging out at the back of the bus under their coach. You know, Coach "Cheezit" or "Chizzy" as my girls call him.

Here's our new basketball coach Tony Barbee. I was impressed by his obvious intelligence and passion for basketball and enthusiasm for being OUR basketball coach. He's got one heck of a new facility to do his job in and can't wait to see what he accomplishes while at AU.

Coach Luper spoke next and was very inspiring and it is obvious why these guys are so good at what they do whether it be recruiting or coaching. They care about family and have certainly adopted the AU family as theirs. They care about those boys they coach and want the AU fans to keep up their support and spirit for the university. No problem there with us.

Here's a shot of Al and the girls walking up to the bus.

And here's Coach Trooper Taylor with all our girls. He's exciting to say the least and such an inspirational speaker. He means what he says and already has a tremendous love and respect for the Auburn family. It was really awesome to be so close to the coaches and feel the excitement and energy they bring to the atmosphere. It's a shame the NCAA put a damper on the whole Tiger Prowl idea as it is such a great idea for promoting and recruiting the university or any university at that matter. I know that other SEC schools have done similar things. Oh well whether we have a bus or not, it won't stop people from being drawn to what is the AUBURN Spirit.

Below is just a snip-it from Coach Trooper's speech explaining a little bit about the AU family you are probably tired of hearing me talk about! He takes the words right out of my mouth....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

McWayne Center

OK since school is already out for the summer I thought I'd catch you up on the field trip I was so honored to chaperon. The 1st grade took a trip down town to the good ole McWayne Center. Now, let me admit to you that the McWayne Center is not my favorite place to be. Call me a bad mom but I'm just not that into the place. Science and such do not amaze me. However, I am very interested in my child and her education so since she wanted me to go I gladly went. How many more years do I get where she WANTS me around ya know?
The IMAX movie was on bugs. Strike #1 in my book. It was kinda gross in a lot of ways that I will spare you the details. But after that we were free to roam the halls. I was graced with 5 beautiful but energetic little girls to keep up with. Yup, 5! Me thinks Mrs. Ferrell overestimated my abilities. We did fine but I was absolutely 100% exhausted from the trip. But the girls had a good time and all ended well.
Here they are: Clara Paige, Sophie, Kinsley, and in the back Sabrina and Amani.

Petting the sharks and sting rays!

Clara and her school buddy Sophie.

One of those sharks we all got to "pet." I did actually stick my arm in the pool and touch the guy and he felt slimy and like rubber in case any of you ever wondered!


in news unrelated to the field trip, we have a new toy at our house!! Alex and his "Horse Trading" ways has acquired a SeaDoo for the Hicks Family. Thanks Mr. Vince for such a fun new toy. We got to try it out last weekend so maybe I'll get some pictures up of that fun soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few more Easter Pics

OK just a few more Easter pictures then I'll move on. Hopefully once school is out tomorrow for the summer, I'll be able to ignore my household chores, and such to sit and stare at my computer and come up with witty banter to accompany the cute pictures of my family more often. At any rate, enjoy these few pictures till I return to the blogging world.

The 5 amigos at Meme & PawPaw's

My family!

Us & Nana on Eater Morning!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Ok, so I'm just now posting Easter pictures. Sorry! Anyway, here are some photos from our Easter Celebrations this year!
The Easter Egg hunt at our church is always a lot of fun.
Some of my favorite kidos at Granny's waiting on time to hunt those eggs.

My sweet identical egg hunters.

A special picture of my Granny, my mom, me and my girls. 4 Generations in this one! We have a picture similar to this from when Clara Paige was about 3 months old. I'm so grateful we got to get another one with my Mags & Gracie too!

All those Lawson Great Grand kids with their Granny!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So last Sunday while at my mom's for lunch, Clara Paige and Gracie were arguing. (Not an unusual event these days.) I told them if they didn't quit they would have to give each other a big kiss. I left the dining room to finish getting their plates ready and I hear Maggie say, "You better get your lip balm ready girls!"
Really, I don't know where she gets this stuff. Mom & I had to stay in the kitchen and try not to bust a gut laughing to ourselves.