Thursday, March 22, 2012

About Me

Hi, my name is Clara Paige! I`m 9 years old. I like fast things like, corvetes and jetskies. But I also like girly things too. Me and my sisters cheer at Cowboys Cheerleading Center in Pehlem. We love it there! We get trohys and mettles! It`s really,really, really FUUUUUUN!!!!!! See you next time. BYE!!!


My school celebrates alabama day to show that we love alabama. We went room to room lreaning about diffret  things. Some of the things we did was lrean about nascar and alabama state park and Hellin Kalre and the usa raockit and the penut fastsavill and last of all martey gras. but what I loved most was that we all had fun.              MAGGIE

about me

Hi my name is Gracie! I am 7 years old. Here are some facts about me; I love corvet`s, babys, rainbow`s and a buttuful day. I have two sisters Maggie and Clara they are the sweetist sisters in the world. I hope you love me as much as I do! bye!!