Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pinterest - Failures and Successes

So the Pinterest craze is something that I use to pass time or zone out but occasionally I find a few real jewels on there. BUT on occasion I also find some "Pinstrosities" to quote one of my new favorite websites ( The only things I've tried are a few cleaning ideas and recipes. So I thought I'd share a great recipe and one that didn't do so well.

This one my girls love and I've actually made a few times:

This one was a total fail. Not sure if it was b/c I just plain ole burned them or the temp is just too high for these little guys. I think if I could get it to work it might be really good and healthy.

I didn't take a picture but only about 5 of mine weren't burnt like little squash hockey pucks. hahaa...I think I might try them in my Pampered Chef Chip maker too. That might be easier.

Anyway, just thought I'd share w ya. I promise to try to post some pics of my babies and play catch up soon. :)
We have a relatively busy few days ahead so should be fun and exhausting all at the same time so I can't make too many Blogger promises!! ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know I'm a blogging failure. My children have even blogged since I have (to which none of you commented on how adorable their posts were - shame on you - hahaha kidding, kidding, no hate mail please)!!

Anyway, I just read that Blogger is adopting a new look and interface. Just thought I'd give ya a warning. I tried it out for a few minutes and about lost my mind. Maybe it wont be as hard as it seems but good ole Google has decided to mess with a good thing so if ya see me post crazy stuff or my background disappears or whatever, you'll know why!!

Ok so it's ridiculous that I post to complain about Google, I know, but maybe it will inspire me to get back on the horse and post again!! Life has just become too busy and with that comes the guilt of me not documenting my family's life anymore!! :( Shame on me!!!

Have a great day everyone!!