Sunday, December 20, 2009

Riverchase Christmas Party

Every year our Children's Ministry has a Christmas Party for all the families involved. And as you can see Santa even comes to pay us a visit so the kidos can put in their requests!! And let me say this picture is a far cry from a few years ago when I HAD to be in the pictures w/Santa b/c my babies were scared of him. They've figured out that he's a good guy who brings them stuff!
My CP, Maggie and my "adopted" daughter Miss Megan. She's basically part of the family!! When I say, "Hey, my girls smile please." She gladly joins in!!

Here we are making our all important visit w/Santa to tell him all the goodies that we want! I sure do hope Santa gets it all right this year.

There were fun craft projects and coloring sheets to keep them busy. Then we had a devotional, a great dinner and finished by decorating Christmas Cookies. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family!!
Hope you've got your shopping done!! Only a few more days till Christmas!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Hicks Family Express

This year we were privileged to be a part of the Gardendale Christmas parade! Every year we ride in PawPaw's Christmas train in at least 1 parade so this year it was Gardendale!
I was so happy to have so many of my friends show up to ride with us! Almost everyone that rode with us knew us from church, life long friendship or work!! Thanks everybody for coming. It was so much fun!!!

Here's my buddy Donna with her daughter Erica and my Gracie! It was cold but not too bad because we had so many cozy blankets to cover up with.

Clara Paige and Keely had loads of Christmas fun waving at all the parade watchers!!

Here's a shot of all the kidos that were so cute waving and shouting "Merry Christmas" that we won 1st place!!! I knew we were a pretty good looking, fun, cheery group!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Cheer...

I need some; cheer that is. This has been a hectic season so far for me. I keep reminding myself of the reason for the season. With my purse being stolen and all it's been a little hard to see the positive side but I'm getting there. I love the festiveness and all the decorations but the hustle and bustle are almost too much for me. However, I love Chrismtas time!! I really do. It is a magical time so I plan on putting my inner Grinch up and enjoying the rest of the season with my family and friends with a much more serene heart!! The innocence and excitement of childhood on the faces of my girls this time of year put my attitude in check daily. I do hope you all have a great Holiday and that Santa puts what you wish for under the tree!! I'm just wishing for my family to be together and a warm cup of cider while my girls enjoy their presents on Christmas morning! That is what its about to me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Build-A-Bear Party!!

So my baby girls who are not babies any more chose to have their 5th birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop. It was so much fun. We had so many friends come and share their "1/2 way to 10 day" with them!!

Here the kidos all are waiting to have their bear stuffed. I think Maggie named her bear Sunshine while Gracie named hers Sarah!

We had cake and opened presents in the food court b/c that's how it works at the lovely Riverchase Galleria!! It was a good spot though because we were kinda off to ourselves!! They got such wonderful presents but most of all they were so blessed to have so many people come out to share their day. Thank you all!!

Here we are all loving on our new and huggable/lovable Build-A-Bears!! (Of coarse we had to head straight back to the store to dress our bears after the party. Can't go around with a naked bear now can we??)