Monday, September 3, 2007

Emily's Wedding

Here are the pictures that I promised from Emily Jones Files' wedding a few weekends ago. This obviously is me and my adorable little angel Clara Paige. The twins didn't make it that night. We thought it would be way too much to deal with. Thanks again to MeMe for keeping them for us. And to Mom, Dad and Alex for coming to the wedding and bringing CP for me.
This is Bethany, me and Katy. They are 3 of the 4 musketeers from my school years. The fourth being the bride of coarse. There are just way tooooo many memories that bring smiles to my face for all of these beautiful ladies. Love you all.
And here is Mrs. Files who completes our group. She looked so beautiful. I am so happy for her.
And here is a pic of all the bridesmaids. We were a pretty good lookin group I think. I just got the call last week also that my other special Emily will be getting married next year. I will be donning yet another lovely bridesmaids dress next May for Emily Clemens. Funny how I haven't been in a wedding in years and now all the sudden they just start popping up. I am more than honored to be a part of their days though.
Have a great week everyone. Oh yeah, I start my new job tomorrow so say a prayer for me. I think its gonna be a little bit hard since I've been spending so much time with my girls lately. I am excited just a little sad. And War Eagle. We barely squeaked by this week but good teams find a way to win.
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Lana said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! But what's new?? I hope your first day on the job went well! Take care.

Kim Lawson said...

Your hair looks great!!

courtney said...

you looked great! tell emily i appreciated seeing oh so many bridesmaids! i think i had 1 or 2 in my own wedding! haha!

Emily Fiiles said...

Shelly - I am checking out your blog for the first time today. I was always blocked at the bank. Anyway, I am honored that my perfect day made it on your family blog. I would love to get copies of the pictures from the wedding. I can't believe the 4 of us did not get a picture together. I would love to see you and the girls soon. Lots of love, EJF