Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CP is sick

Get well

Well it's been a pretty crazy week so far. Clara Paige came down with some kind of virus yesterday. I know kids get sick. But my baby hasn't been sick in I don't know when. We have been so lucky in that department. We made our first trip to the doctor in probably over a year. Luckily Al and I just happened to go to Auburn with Dr. Todd. I am very excited to have another doctor that I feel comfortable with. We had the hook up in Tuscaloosa. We loved Dr. Laubenthal and Dr. Cunningham. I just hope and pray that the twins don't get sick too.
Get well my sweet baby girl, Clara Paige.


Wendy said...

Get well Clara Paige, We love and miss you guys.

Get well soon,
Aunt Wendy, Uncle Boo, Jackson and
Baby Park

Kim Lawson said...

Hope you feel better, Clara Paige! John Brady has been sick with a nasty virus also!! He is doing better now, so maybe your won't last too long.