Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I am thankful for the fact that I have a job. I have a home that is comfortable and cozy. I may not be wealthy by today's standards at all but I am wealthy in the fact that I have a happy home full of love and am well taken care of. I am blessed beyond measure and for that I am honestly and completely grateful.

Tonight we had our second of what we hope to be weekly Family Nights. Last week we had Family Game Night which went over great. Tonight we had Family Movie Night and it was just as much fun. We watched Santa Buddies and it was a very cute movie to start out our Holiday Season with. More importantly Alex & I want our family to be close and have memories of simple times that we spent together. If we start now while our girls are young, hopefully it will instill a sense of family unity and spirit so they will cherish and look forward to it in the future as they do now. I know all too soon they will not want to spend so much time with us. Although that will tear me up inside when that time comes, I hope they will always feel close to us and be able to confide in us because of the times we took out of our week to spend together as a family unit. It is so important to me.