Sunday, December 20, 2009

Riverchase Christmas Party

Every year our Children's Ministry has a Christmas Party for all the families involved. And as you can see Santa even comes to pay us a visit so the kidos can put in their requests!! And let me say this picture is a far cry from a few years ago when I HAD to be in the pictures w/Santa b/c my babies were scared of him. They've figured out that he's a good guy who brings them stuff!
My CP, Maggie and my "adopted" daughter Miss Megan. She's basically part of the family!! When I say, "Hey, my girls smile please." She gladly joins in!!

Here we are making our all important visit w/Santa to tell him all the goodies that we want! I sure do hope Santa gets it all right this year.

There were fun craft projects and coloring sheets to keep them busy. Then we had a devotional, a great dinner and finished by decorating Christmas Cookies. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family!!
Hope you've got your shopping done!! Only a few more days till Christmas!!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Looks like such fun...I love the girls green shirts, that shade is so pretty...this week, that happens to be TB's favorite color :) And the Christmas card pic was adorable! Great smiles of all 3!

Anna said...

I agree. Very cute shirts. Makes me miss the South. :) Lots of cute girly stuff. Happy New year!