Monday, February 22, 2010

Earrings & Broken Ankles

So most of you already know this but as this is my virtual scrapbook, I am documenting it all anyway so sit back, relax and enjoy....

My baby Gracie announced one afternoon to her Nana that she wanted her ears pierced! That Day! Right then! At that moment! After much convincing mom (Nana) reassured her that it would not happen that day but we would work it out! So work it out we did, the very same day as my Clara Paige's Birthday Sleepover Party (update coming soon)!! At first, Gracie was the only brave soul to want to jump into the right of passage that is a girl's first experience with ear piercing (and my only one btw) but then the other two eventually joined her! They couldn't let her be fashionably ahead of them now could they?! They were so cute but knew exactly which pair they wanted and were very brave girlies! It was a special day of memories for me, my mom and my girlies we'll never forget....

Here's Gracie displaying the finished product for you all to see.
Clara was surprisingly the most apprehensive but she didn't cry. She wanted to but she didn't!! Isn't the bear they give them to hold onto so cute? It has like 20 piercings in her ears. That was fine for the bear but I had to explain that I would not pay for any more piercings for my girls. They were on their own with anymore and hopefully would not be living in my house should that time arise.

This is my Mags waiting so patiently for her turn. She was a trooper too! Not one tear was shed at all. Not even by me!! :)

And last but certainly not least b/c she actually went first is my Gracie Goose. She never flinched or anything! She was so very proud of her new accessories!
We are still cleaning them multiple times daily and tuning them but soon they will be able to be proud, true, certified earring wearing babes!!
My how time flies, before I know it they'll be going on (sigh) dates and driving cars!!
Now on to one quick thing that I have to document. You see last year my family went through this awful temporarily life altering and unfortunate accident that my lovely husband had on a 4-wheeler. It was a bad one with surgery and all if you don't happen to remember. Well, several weeks ago he calls me at work telling me his foot and ankle hurt pretty badly. Why do you ask?? Well let me tell you it was b/c he fell off a fence after having climbed it while working! Yup! You got that right ladies & gentlemen! The details aren't necessary. Call him if you don't already know and just have to find out all about it! He'll be glad to tell you. It's a hum-dinger all right. I have to say it is a far cry from the severity of last year's injury but never-the-less he's hurt again. Right now he's pretty much on the mend but for several weeks he had to wear one of those lovely, big, black boots everywhere!! For the faint of heart you may want to skip the picture below. It's not too bad but his foot was pretty swollen and blue!! I just had to post it for proof that he did indeed FALL OFF A FENCE!!
Love you hon!! I can only imagine what your next injury could be. Let's just hope it's minor and many years down the road!
What?? One can dream can't she??

Have a great week everybody and BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!


Kim Lawson said...

Maggie was very proud of her earrings. She whispered to me that she got earrings and then cocked her little head and smiled sweetly up at me. So precious!

All three are very stunning with their studs! Keeping up with the cleaning and the turning for all three can be quite a process so I know you will be glad when it's over!

And, Alex, all I can say is at this rate you may never have to update the patient info (name/address/ins.) sheet at your doc's office, but the medical history form, well, that's another story! ;)

Anna said...

Girl friend! This is quite the update. How neat for your girls. They are too cute. Sorry a/b Alex!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Girl drama, the "right now, at this very moment", scenario was too funny. They learn it at such an early age...must really be in the DNA, X chromosomes ROCK. :)

Love the earrings...we've had to have TB's done twice already. Always forget to put earrings in after that 6 week time period is up and a few days pass and they have already grown up because of that youthful skin. :)

I guess you can be thankful it's not you that is having the horrible accidents....hard to keep a mama down! Hope all is better on your homefront soon!

Joy said...

I bet those "cuties" attracted a crowd!
Poor Alex....ouch!

Aunt Joy

Anonymous said...
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