Thursday, May 27, 2010

McWayne Center

OK since school is already out for the summer I thought I'd catch you up on the field trip I was so honored to chaperon. The 1st grade took a trip down town to the good ole McWayne Center. Now, let me admit to you that the McWayne Center is not my favorite place to be. Call me a bad mom but I'm just not that into the place. Science and such do not amaze me. However, I am very interested in my child and her education so since she wanted me to go I gladly went. How many more years do I get where she WANTS me around ya know?
The IMAX movie was on bugs. Strike #1 in my book. It was kinda gross in a lot of ways that I will spare you the details. But after that we were free to roam the halls. I was graced with 5 beautiful but energetic little girls to keep up with. Yup, 5! Me thinks Mrs. Ferrell overestimated my abilities. We did fine but I was absolutely 100% exhausted from the trip. But the girls had a good time and all ended well.
Here they are: Clara Paige, Sophie, Kinsley, and in the back Sabrina and Amani.

Petting the sharks and sting rays!

Clara and her school buddy Sophie.

One of those sharks we all got to "pet." I did actually stick my arm in the pool and touch the guy and he felt slimy and like rubber in case any of you ever wondered!


in news unrelated to the field trip, we have a new toy at our house!! Alex and his "Horse Trading" ways has acquired a SeaDoo for the Hicks Family. Thanks Mr. Vince for such a fun new toy. We got to try it out last weekend so maybe I'll get some pictures up of that fun soon!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Chaperones deserve a special award....that's for sure! I enjoy the McWane Center, but have a hard time always keeping up with my crew....the kids are so excited and bouncing from exhibit to exhibit faster than I can get around!!

Love the sea doo...those girls look ready!