Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach Finally or Beach Finale!!

So I will end our LOONNGGG journey through our beach trip. Remember that fateful night with CP? (If you don't then scan down a post or two) Well unfortunately we were not lucky enough to escape it that easily. Maggie, Meme & PawPaw all came down with it also. So much so that Meme & Pawpaw left early. We hated to see them go but we trudged on with our trip......

Me with my beach babes
One of our last nights in PCB we juast had to eat at Shuckums! Alas we had no oysters well because we don't eat oysters but we had a great time. The girls loved looking at all the signed and colored and decorated dollar bills posted everywhere.

And as always I force my darlings to take some pictures on the beach. Yes, I admit willingly that I am not photographer! (thank goodness we have several in the family) However, I do try to at least get a few pretty shots of them, squinty eyes and all.

I can always count on a good "looking at the water" shot.

And I'll bid farewell to our 2010 Beach trip with our final picture of the Hicks Beach Divas in their Sun Shades!!
Until next year........


Courtney Long said...

Love all the beach pictures and the coordinated yellow outfits! looks like a great trip!