Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just some Fun Pictures

OK this will bring to an end my endless parade of pictures from our Disney trip but these were just too fun and cute to pass up from our last days in the parks.

 Two of my sweeties carrying their balloons back to the room.
 You almost can't take a bad picture of the Castle. It's just so pretty and magical.
 Stitch was a hoot. He cracked my girls up with his crazy antics. They were all fast friends!
 Just too stinkin' cute for words.
 Modeling some rather fancy mouse ears!
 Checking out the parade from Cinderella's Castle.
 A great shot of Donald. Oohh I didn't see the scantily clad lady behind him though!! hahahaa.....Sorry
 One last family shot in the Happiest Place on Earth!
 We didn't want to leave and head back to reality but alas we had no choice.
And reality is was.... the air conditioning in the van went out when we were a couple of hours from home!! Those were some of the hottest hours of my life. My girls were so hot they had nothing left to do but fall asleep!! And that ends our magical adventure for 2011!!
I'd go back in 2012 if they would let me ;)


kimberly t. bowling said...

CP's pouty face is too cute! We so enjoyed our trip and we only went to Magic Kingdom...for just one day. It was magical indeed. Glad y'all had a great time!

Anna said...

How fun! I confess, our short time at Disney was full of good memories for us, too!