Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know I'm a blogging failure. My children have even blogged since I have (to which none of you commented on how adorable their posts were - shame on you - hahaha kidding, kidding, no hate mail please)!!

Anyway, I just read that Blogger is adopting a new look and interface. Just thought I'd give ya a warning. I tried it out for a few minutes and about lost my mind. Maybe it wont be as hard as it seems but good ole Google has decided to mess with a good thing so if ya see me post crazy stuff or my background disappears or whatever, you'll know why!!

Ok so it's ridiculous that I post to complain about Google, I know, but maybe it will inspire me to get back on the horse and post again!! Life has just become too busy and with that comes the guilt of me not documenting my family's life anymore!! :( Shame on me!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Kim Lawson said...

I agree! Shame on us!! I did read their posts and thought their posts were just so darn cute, but I probably read them when I was supposed to be wrangling eleven preschoolers and didn't have time to post a comment. ;)

Kim Lawson said...

Hey, did my comment not come thru??

Kim Lawson said...

I will try this again. I'm having blogger issues with my comments! Yes, we should have left comments on those adorable posts by your girls! I did read them when they were posted and thought they were precious! In fact I probably read them when I was supposed to be wrangling 11 preschoolers and couldn't comment at the time! HAHA

hicksfamilycircus said...

Haha.. See the Blogger booger is already after you and the new version isn't even out yet!! ;)
I feel ya. I often read things and can't comment b/c of my location, etc! Hope all is going well!

Kim Lawson said...

hahaha! this made me laugh!!