Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mom & Dad took the girls to their house Sunday and they stayed til today. Anyway, yesterday I think Nana had a few of those Calgon moments with the girls. All 3 of my little precious angels were in the spare bedroom with the computer and before mom knew what had happened they had all 3 pooled their brilliant minds and emptied a file cabinet of all its folders and to finish their thorough job, emptied every folder too. Mom was so overwhelmed she just put them in the van. I'm not sure she even knew where she was taking them but they ended up at the Park. Seems like perfect punishment for file tampering to me. Then that same afternoon Maggie came running into mom's kitchen wanting a "towel". When mom inquired to why she needed it she just ran off in a scurry yelling, "I Mark, I Mark!!" Needless to say CP came in to "explain" (not tattle of coarse) that Maggie had drawn on the wall with a pencil. Thank goodness it was a pencil. I think it was cleaned and all is well.
Today they went to Necia's "house" to get their hair cut. Again mom took them and I think it was kinda hectic but all 3 girls look fresh and adorable with their new do's! They also went to visit some more special girls in my life, the Castlemans. Mom said that CP loves Elise. I can't believe how much my Castleman girls have grown. Love you guys!!


Courtney said...

Oh, my! Funny stories!!(at least now)

Love you!

Kim Lawson said...

Grandparents! Gotta love 'em!