Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Days!

Well we had a pretty good weekend I guess you could say. We still do not have any offers on the house but we are showing it again tomorrow so everyone cross their fingers for us. A few prayers wouldn't hurt either.
As you can see we have quite the dress up queens in our house these days. Clara Paige and Maggie were singing a Hannah Montana song, I believe it was. Imagine that?! :)
All the girls also enjoyed helping mommy and daddy water the flowers in the front yard on Saturday. They really are good at helping out.
Sunday I took the girls to Kim Lawson's again to get some pictures taken. This time we did pretty pink smocked dresses. I hope we got some good ones. Maggie didn't want to cooperate too much with the group shots but she sure did ham it up for her individuals! You should be able to go to and seem them soon. Shameless plug in there for ya Kim. ;)
Then Nana & Pappy came to get all the girls and take them back to Bham for a few days. Gosh this house seems quiet without our little munchkins. I miss them already but might get caught up on some chores or get to read a little bit. God bless grandparents!! Especially Nana
& Pappy.
Have a great week everybody!!

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Aunt Joy said...

With such beautiful girls I know they will be good pictures. I really like ya'll being in Tuscaloosa, so I kind of know what is going on with you, but I will pray for your house to sell anyway!I look at your blog everyday so you will have to keep it up when you move. Love Ya.

Kim Lawson said...

Thanks for the plug!!