Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Official!!

Well, it is finally official. The Hicks family Circus has a new home. We couldn't be more excited and relieved that it's all finally over. Well the closing is anyway. Now Alex has the grand task of painting most of the rooms. We plan to move into it the weekend of Nov 3-4 or so. It will be so nice to have so much room. The girls love their playroom and have already started to tell us where they want their toys placed in it. I guess I have 3 little interior designers on my hands. Mom and Dad have been so overwhelmingly good to us while we have occupied almost every square inch of their home. Thanks Mom, Dad and Jonathan.
I am very happy b/c we found a house in an absolutely FANTASTIC neighborhood for our girls. It has a playground and pool and lots of kids. We will actually get to go there and trick-or-treat next week!!
Well everyone have a great rest of the week and thanks for all the prayers!!
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Aunt Joy said...

The house is beautiful and looks so big!

Kim Lawson said...

The house looks awesome!! Congrats! Can't wait to visit!!

courtney said...

wow - im so happy for you! what neighborhood is it in?