Thursday, November 1, 2007

Technical Difficulties!!

Ok I'm posting a picture from a few weeks ago because well we just plain forgot the camera last night for Halloween. I'm just not as good as Kim Lawson. Kim is always "have camera will travel." We went to the new house to trick-or-treat so we could get more acquainted with the neighborhood and meet new neighbors. Well we still have lots of painting and work going on there so it was very chaotic. Mom did her best getting the girls to the house with all their costume garb and the candy to hand out. When I got there from work, we realized that we didn't have the face paint and you just can't have 3 little kittens w/out whiskers. Well ok they were a Tiger, a Black Cat and a Leopard. But they are still my little litter of kittens in my opinion. Anyway I had to run back out to the drug store to hunt down some face paint. So in the midst of all that the camera did not make it. However I did get a few pics of the tired and worn out kitties. I'll post those soon.
The girls had a blast and we did too. Clara Paige called all the trick-or-treaters that came to the door our Customers. It was so cute. The doorbell would ring and she would run and announce, "We Have Customers!!!"
Hope everyone else's Halloween was Fun and Safe!!