Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Santa!!

It has been requested that I share with you the new pagan tradition in our house hold to pray to Santa! As I have stated, Clara Paige really seems to be grasping this Santa Claus deal this year. So, Oh I guess around the beginning of November the sale papers and commercials really started to roll in with all kinds of cool new toys and gadgets for the girls to want. Every time CP would see a commercial she would tell me she wanted whatever was on it. If it was girly, she wanted it. So I pulled out the good ole' end of year excuse that Christmas was coming so she needed to ask Santa for it. Well, we had also started the very religious tradition of praying as a family every night too. So my smart-as-a-whip little 4 year old figured that if we pray to God for things then why not Santa. One day I saw her bowing her head and whispering to herself about something. I started paying more attention and figured out that she was PRAYING to Santa for almost everything she saw that interested her. She didn't want to miss out on anything!
Here's how the conversations with Santa go, bow your head, put your prayer hands together (you know how) and repeat, "Dear Santa, Please let me have (toy of your choice). Amen" Well we have explained that she doesn't need to actually pray to Santa but she still "asks" him out loud to be sure he hears her.
What a hoot!!!!
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Courtney & Dave Long said...

hey there,
visiting your blog tonight, and i thought i had already commented on this, but anyway... when i read it last week i thought it was so funny! dave doesn't always get out to the various blogs, so i was re-telling the story to him. we both got a good laugh out of it!