Friday, July 25, 2008

What are they doing?? You may ask....

Best quote from this moment: Alex to Todd- "What are you doing man, except holding my hand?"
Well, I bought some new light fixtures for our home SEVERAL months ago. So what does my lovely and ever busy husband decide to do last weekend? Yep hang the one in the foyer. If you have never been in my home, it is a split level with high ceilings therefore making it very difficult to get to the actual ceiling. SOOOOOOO, long, funny story short, he enlisted our wonderful and patient neighbor, Todd, for some help. Oh how he had no idea what he was getting into. Todd's ladder is actually on our STEPS. But luckily they have a "Little Giant" ladder that will adjust to different levels. It was very scary and well amusing at the same time. You will also see Todd's sweetheart of a wife holding the ladders while I took the picture. Once the light was hung they had to figure out how to actually get the glass fixture on. At one point they were both holding the light and just kinda looking at each other hence the quote from above. Maybe it was a "you had to be there" moment but it was worth sharing anyway.
So, its safe to say that we owe Todd and Wendi, so we are keeping their adorable little boys for them tomorrow morning while they go pick up their new pop-up camper.
Like a good neighbor, Todd and Wendi are there!! heeheee. Get it???
That one's for you guys Wen & Todd.


Anonymous said...

You should've been below them looking at them holding hands. :o) By the way, nice quote :o)