Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Princess Party

A week or so ago our church had a fun night for the kidos. The girls got to have a Princess Party. Mom (Nana) took them and now I wish I had gone too. They wore their Cinderella gown/princess dresses that we got from Disney World. They did lots of fun stuff like getting princess hair, making crowns, cupcakes and even visiting with Snow White. Mom said if Maggie hugged Snow White one time she did 5 or 6. They had a wonderful time!

What a royal family of princesses!
Gracie Goose dancing away
Maggie and her pretty princess hair
Clara Paige Dancing to Disney and Miley Cyrus!

BTW - I registered CP for school this week and it has hit my heart heavy that my baby girl will be in Kindergarten in just a few mere weeks. I know she is so ready and excited but Mommy may need some tissues for sure!


Lana said...

Aww, Candy said they were so cute and all the girls seemed to love it. What a great idea.
I hope things get easier for you with the start of school. I know I'm going to be a wreck when the time comes.