Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi everyone! I know it's almost been a week since my last post. Well I haven't gone MIA yet. Actually, our laptop has some keyboard issues right now so it's very aggravating to post anything. I'm typing from work right now so can't say too much. We have been busy lately. Last weekend CP and I went to Emma Lawson's 8th B'day sleepover. All I can say is whew. I was exhausted after that. A bunch of 8 year old girls and my 6 year old almost did me and Kim in but it was still fun. You'll have to go to her site for pics of that. I promise to get back up and running but probably just won't have as many posts as often until I can figure out this keyboard situation. It's no fun typing when the space bar doesn't work half the time. Anyway, enjoy your week and I'll talk at you all
ps- Alex's b'day is tomorrow! He'll be 35!! I just can't believe that. We've been together for pretty much 20 years now. Seems like we should still be teenagers going on dates. (Nah not really) Wish him Happy B'day if you see him!!