Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok so it was almost a week ago but we had such a nice V-day that I had to share.

CP loves her chocolate!
I made cute little heart shaped eggs in toast. The girls loved it and it was easy.

M&G digging into their goody baskets!

We also made Valentine's cupcakes. My girlies are good at icing! Who knew?!

Alex had to work so me and Nana and the girls spent the day together. We made a quick stop by Elmwood where my dad is buried. I had not been there since my B'day. It was kinda hard but I'm glad we did and took the girls with us.

Mom (Nana) treated us to The Cheesecake Factory (Yummy) for our V-day lunch.

Here are Mags and CP during our lunch. CP is staring at the Lawsons b/c we ran into them while there. What a coincidence since they live in T-town.
Thanks Nana for the great day!!
I would have given you more detail but remember my keyboard is "challenged" at the moment!
Have a great weekend!


Robby and Rachel said...

Sounds like fun...I'm glad ya'll had such a good day!!

Anonymous said...

What a really great day!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Love the eggs and toast hearts.....cleverly cute.