Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blueberry Pickin

Mom took the girlies to Mr. Glenn & Mrs. Francie's house the other week to pick blueberries. They love going to Mr. Glenn & Mrs. Francie's house and especially to pick their blueberries. They brought back bunches of them and they are really good. I like blueberries but I don't love them (my daddy did though). But these are huge and really sweet to eat just by themselves.
Gracie is picking very intently. She's my little "worker bee." She's got drive and determination and a pretty good work ethic if she's interested. She loves to help me and mom with about anything we're doing.
My Maggie's a pretty good blueberry picker too. She's my blueberry eater. She loves them on pancakes and of coarse in blueberry pie.
Cp is reaching up high to get as many as she could. Thanks to our sweet friends the Savage's for letting them come and gather their crop of blueberries.
Maybe the one we planted on my dad's birthday will have lots more next year too!!


Tesney said...

How fun! We have been getting bluberries from my grandfather's house and I have eaten my weight in those things!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What great little helpers! I just finished picking our blackberries and oh how I wish my girls could help (they are deep in the woods.)

Anonymous said...

mmmm...blueberry pie is my favorite! We may have to take a trip out to the winery for some blueberry picking of our own.