Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adventures of an LPSO

Don't know what an LPSO is? Well then you don't have a young girl the ages of 5-8ish then do you? LPSO stands for Littlest Pet Shop Online. Clara Paige got one for her birthday which she so lovingly named "LollyPup." Cute name I thought. It's kind of their version of a Webkinz (but much harder to use online). Anyway, it seems our LPSO upon arriving at our house seemed to have taken a trip around our living room to settle in her new surroundings and some small budding photographer took it upon herself to record the journey. It could have been a collaborative effort though.
Here she is in all her glory defying gravity and sitting alone on the arm of our sofa. Looks like we could have picked up the video camera and got some actions shots too. I might have to check that out! I think she must have gotten a little sleepy and stopped to snuggle up and catch some "ZZZZZ's" before leaving the sofa.

Next, LollyPup seems to have stopped by to do some sit-ups with Gracie on the floor or possibly she's just staring at the ceiling fan. Not real sure.

Seems she might have been frightened by something and jumped onto the top of the sofa for safety. Maybe she was hiding from that big spotted monster that lives in our house who's been known to tear up a stuffed animal in her day. And again the video camera, plus a Bible and a pink Solo cup with the remnants of some Coke in it. Isn't that what everyone has on their end tables?

And finally after her exciting trip around our living room she found her way home to her momma, safe and sound all swaddled up and ready for bed.
Goes to show, ya never know what's going to end up on my camera!
Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! And just when did you discover this incredibly documented journey? :o)