Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back in January...

this little girl I kinda am attached to had a birthday so I need to go back and share that with ya. Hope you don't mind.
This was the b'day cake my CP requested and she wanted to be sure it had orange and blue butterflies on it! Oh yeah, she did!! Can't say she isn't being raised in an ALL AU family.

Her party was a girly-girl sleepover complete with make-overs and a fashion show! Look at all the beauties that were there. Man, if you weren't there, I hate you missed it! A special belated thanks goes out to our hair stylist, Mrs. Rachel Dodson and our manicurist, Mrs. Kimberly Lawson. Couldn't have done it w/out ya girls!

Here's my baby girl looking all too teenager-ish but very posh and chic and ready for the cat walk!

And here is Gracie struttin her stuff down the run way. Please note each girl had an array of styles and articles of clothing to choose from. Each model styled herself for the evening.

And of coarse our local Fashion Police herself, Ms. Maggie, was also very much made into a high fashion diva for the evening!
Here's my Gracie providing mid-morning entertainment the next day using the Barbie Karaoke machine. We were honored to hear various renditions of Barbie songs throughout the morning by various artists (party participants)!!

There's more but I've got to get myself upstairs and head off to bed!! Later....


Kim Lawson said...

We all had the best time at CP's bday party! Remember how the girls cried when it was time to leave??

I don't think those high priced, upscale salons could have done any better on the make-overs!

kimberly t. bowling said...

AU butterflies...now that's a cake!! :)

courtney said...

haha - so funny! i bet they had a ball! that bday cake was really pretty - nice work!