Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach Part 3

So, let me being with saying that first night at the condo seemed quiet enough. We were all tired from the trip and worn out from swimming. We all settled into our respective bedrooms and around 11pm my Clara Paige wanders into my bedroom and announces so pitifully that she has thrown up. Now I will spare you the gory details but it was ROUGH!!! She had gotten sick in the bunk bed in the glorious bunk room that the girls had so excitedly claimed. One small miracle was that she was the one sleeping on the bottom bunk that night. It was just awful. I have images seared in my brain of me cleaning up, pushing CP into the shower, flying by waking Alex up and putting him on CP duty, throwing the covers in the tiny top/bottom washer/dryer, re-washing the covers, sliding into the bathroom myself b/c it was just too much to bear.....anyway you get the picture. My poor baby girl had gotten a stomach virus the 1st night of our vacation. She finally settled in and slept most of the night. I, of coarse, slept with that one eye open hoping all went well until morning. She woke up feeling better so we headed for the beach. She did just fine till on the way back up to the room she had one more abrupt mishap on the board walk. Yeah, that was fun! Anyway, for the next few days everything was all good. Meme & PawPaw arrived and the trip was in full swing.

I love this picture of my most favorite people on earth! Climbing on daddy in the pool was a favorite pass time.
And since we're all involved in this cheer leading thing now, we just had to perform some stunts in the pool. This is the "Daddy Pyramid."

And here's Clara Paige strutting her stuff.

The water was just so clear and pretty the whole week. We had lots of fun jumping the waves. And it's always more fun with a little help from dear ole dad.

Just one more jumpin' the waves shot. There were more adventures ahead in our week so hang tight....


Anna said...

OH girl!! I'm so sorry! I'm glad you guys still had a lot of fun. ;)

Joy said...

Loving the beach posts of my cute nieces!