Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Part2

So still on that first day of coarse my babies had to go to the beach and swim in the pool. No waiting till the next day for them. Me and Maggie stayed in while the others took to the beach and while we were sitting on the balcony there was a beautiful rainbow over the ocean from the storm that passed through earlier. It was so amazing and such a reminder of how awesome God and his creation are.
Here's a picture of that wonderful rainbow. One quick story, Maggie looked at that rainbow and told me that "God Lied." ????? What are you talking bout Mags?? "Well God said he sent that rainbow when the earth was flooded and he would never flood again but he didn't flood the earth today."
That girl. She's so funny. She had part of that Bible story right but wow, she thought God had to flood the earth EVERY time before he sent a rainbow. Oh to be young and so literal and innocent again!!

My Maggie and Gracie stopping for a quick pose for their good ole Mom. Love those goggles!

My girls got pretty good at swimming and jumping in on this beach trip. The longer we were there the more brave they were with the water. I was so proud of them!!

Here's Gracie with her face underwater. I know to most of you that's no large feat but for this momma it's a major milestone.

~And here's their first shovel full of sand for 2010~
I haven't forgotten that teaser I gave ya in that earlier post, I'll get there and it wasn't pretty!!
Most of the trip was wonderful but this, not so much!!