Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well Ok Let's Just Work Backwards

Ok, see I'm just so far behind on this silly old blog that I have no idea where to start. I'm really overwhelmed to tell you the truth but tonight I have a minute or two to try and make a dent. SO, since I'm probably never going to get it all on here like I want let's just start at Christmas and work backwards. This is by no means our whole Christmas experience but it's a start so here we go.........

Christmas came a few days early for our girlies this year because Meme & PawPaw gave the girls their very own trampoline. However, daddy got the wonderful job of putting it together and since there was no way to surprise them he just started putting it together one afternoon. They were thrilled. Poor CP thought Meme had re-gifted and given them the trampoline from Meme & Pawpaw's house. are so funny and honest sometimes.

On Christmas Eve we trekked down to Tuscaloosa to have our Hicks Family Christmas gathering. As you can see my girls are right in the middle of all their loot from that day. We loved going to Ttown any ways b/c we always drive by our old house to remind the girls but this year we went down that way for Christmas b/c Aunt Wendy had knee replacement surgery. It's not an easy surgery to recover from but she's doing just fine. All in all it was a great day spent with family.

Santa sure did spoil our girls this year. They were so good he brought a Wii and all kinds of goodies. The big black mat and the rolled up thingy are gym mats that the girls can practice their tumbling and cheerleading on. The girls had asked their daddy for one back in the summer. Funny how Santa just knows these things!!! ;)

As with every year we get these precious shining smiles on Christmas morning. They truly are our blessings and we are so lucky to have such special girls to call our own. The pressures and hustle and bustle of daily life can get hectic and we forget to treasure the things that matter most but I think that's why I love Christmas most. It's all about family!! It's about slowing down and reflecting on our lives and how blessed we are to have each other.
And I think I'll end for today with this lovely shot of everyone trying to figure out the new Wii. Christmas morning pictures are priceless, aren't they? And as you can see, we don't dress up for the occasion either. Why would we, it's just us and that's all that matters! And that concludes the first installment of our Christmas. More to come,,,,,maybe........
Love you all and have a very Happy New Year!! May 2011 be nothing but a blessing to you all!