Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We are Just In Denial!!!!

Well, Well, Well, how things can change in an instant. We found out LAST NIGHT! Yes, just 4 days before we board a plane to head to Arizona to see our Tigers Play for the BCS National Championshiop, that our ticket broket has NOT come through with TICKETS!!

We are sad, dejected, devastated, in disbelief and probably in a litle denial HOWEVER, we have not given up! All my Blogger people we need your help. If you know of any last minute tickets that are not just ridiculously priced PLEASE let us know! Its one thing to want to go, it's another to think you have it all wrapped up in a pretty little package and someone comes and destroys that for you. We're still going with our heads held high but sure would feel better if we had tickets in hand before we head that way!!

THanks for your time as I know there are other things in this life more important but right this minute this is pretty important to us at least!!

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!


Courtney Long said...

that's awful; im so sorry to hear that! im glad you're still going out there; i bet ticket prices will begin to come back down now that it's getting so close. good luck!!

Anna said...

Well, I don't know how freely I can admit this, but I am actually really feeling for an Auburn fan! I'm sorry, girl. That stinks. Hope you find some tickets soon.

hicksfamilycircus said...

Thanks guys. We're heading out in the morning anyways for AZ. We aren't just Auburn fans, it's a part of who we are. We are Auburn people and this hurts deep but we'll have a great time and whatever happens we'll be glad we went!