Monday, January 24, 2011

First things First

I promise to try to post soon. I promise to post about the amazing trip to see our Tigers win the National Championship soon. I promise to post about the beautiful trip to the Grand Canyon we took after the game. I promise to post these things but first I must take a minute to say......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a day late)

to the most beautiful, intelligent, amazing 8 year old that teaches me more about life and how to enjoy it everyday. Clara Paige you are so full of life and love and you live yours to the fullest. I could not be prouder to be blessed to be your mommy!! I can not believe 8 years ago I saw you for the first time and fell in love with being your mom for the first time.

What a blessing you are to me and so many others!!


Anna said...

This is much less painful to read than your Auburn post. Haha!
Somebody had to give you a hard time, right?
And you can gloat all you want b/c Alabama didn't have such a hot year.. sniff. :(