Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More from The Happiest Place on Earth....

Here's some more from Epcot day during the Hicks Disney Trip 2011.....

 Cute posing with Ariel at the pool. (plus the random girl in the background)

 Hanging out with our pal Cinderella. She's so pretty. Well come to think of it, all the princesses in this photo are pretty!! (Yes, I am biased)

Playin' in the jumping water

Test Track with Daddy

Tasting something that apparently was nasty. I believe this was where you could taste different cola flavors from around the world. Whatever country this was gets a thumbs down from CP!

My girls LOVED the Kim Possible mission at the World Expo in Epcot. 

Playing The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. It was really cute and educational all rolled into one! Gotta love that Disney for slipping some learning into fun like that!

More to come.....


kimberly t. bowling said...

You did great capturing CP's face of displeasure!