Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Magic Kingdom....

And magic it is......
Our second day in the parks was our day at the Magic Kingdom.
 I love that your first real sight once inside the park is Cinderella's Castle.
 CP driving Nana at the race cars.

Sitting pretty in front of the Tea Cups
Riding the People Mover
Gracie with her Daddy and her Buzz. oh my how this Buzz will live in infamy. There was quite a little fit thrown that day because my precious baby girl was going to have this Buzz or no one else was going to have a peaceful rest of their day. (He is quite cute)

Who doesn't love "It's a Small World"? You are singing it now in your head aren't you? ;)
We love Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride

The castle sure is pretty with 3 pretty princesses in front of it! (notice Buzz under G's arm)
Nana even rode Splash Mountain with us. That was one of our favorites.

Gotta ride the train too. You can't miss that.

And after a long day in the park, we found our way to the pool again!


Anna said...

How cool! We just returned from there ourselves. I hope to blog about it real soon!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Great pics...I know the girls had fun and y'all too. I loved every minute of it. I could sit and just people watch for hours at Disney. Amazing place!