Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buckaroos 2012

 Since I've been such a blog slacker you have not had the pleasure of seeing how fantastic my little Cheerleaders have been doing this year. We started Competitions back in November 2011 and we've moved our way up each time. You've never seen anything like a group of proud mommies see their baby girls come in 2nd out of 8 tough teams like we did last weekend!! Well let me tell you, we threw caution to the wind and celebrated like they had won the whole darn thing!! We took pictures like they were celebrities. We were basically asked to get of the floor. Haha! This team has worked their little tails off this year and despite size and some strength issues out of their control they have become as Coach Kara stated, "a force to be reckoned with." You gotta love that!
We are proud to be a part of the Cowboys Cheer Center family and I am proud to be a Cheer Mom. Ridicule should you wish, but since we started this adventure, we've experienced that Competitive Cheerleading is - athletic, challenging, rewarding, tough, fiercely competitive, character building, etc. - it is a sport folks! ;)
 Here are my sweet Cowboy Buckaroos at their last competition where they racked up that 2nd place trophy!
 Love this picture of my smart, sassy and energetic cheerleaders! 
Gracie, Clara Paige and Maggie
I will admit part of the fun for them is putting on the make-up. ha!
Check out these sassy yet cute-as-a-button dolls but don't let them fool ya. They are a team of hard working Cheerleaders! 

 The Pyramid! It looks great here don't ya think?!  They hit it every time at competition but it's been, shall we say, a challenge for the girls this year. BUT they are working on a new and improved one for the next competition b/c our girls are working hard and gonna rock it out next time with harder moves and a full extension (cheer talk-sorry)! They are tiny but mighty! I think we get extra points just b/c they are so darn cute. haha - but I'm biased I know!
This was our 2nd competition- placing 3rd out of 9 teams. Again, you would have thought we'd won nationals, we were so proud of them!!
 Not sure why this one is so small but this is after our 3rd place finish in December and let me tell you those girls were stoked! 3rd may not sound like much to you but out of 9 tough teams we were jacked up about getting that placement! I love how close all of our girls have become this year. They truly are a team and look out for each other. Isn't that part of what it's about? It is for us anyway. I cherish seeing the character building up in my little girlies!
Here are my girls with their awesome Coaches, Kaitlyn and Kara! Our girls wouldn't be where they are without this special duo! They have worked our girls hard but loved them much at the same time. I've been very impressed with the maturity and dedication they have given to our little ones. In the grand scheme of things our girls are the smallest competitors for our gym but so far have made such a big impact and so much of the credit goes to our Coach Kara and Coach Kaitlyn. Love you guys!

 Here's a shot of the girls waiting to begin their routine at the competition last weekend at the BJCC! Don't they look adorable? I have more pics but will have to load them and post again soon!
And here they are the 2nd Place team with their coaches!
It takes a lot of work, time and yes money for these little angels to get to this stage of competition but after all the tough and stressful practices and issues, it is so well worth it to see our babies faces shine when they do well and to know they are proud of themselves!! 
This is our 2nd year with Cowboys, we've made a home where our girls have grown in so many ways and made relationships that will last and I'm happy to be a part of such a fun and rewarding program. 

 We are a Cowboys Family!

More pics to come!


kimberly t. bowling said...

I understand you, your cheerleader speak, and your love for hard work and dedication from a tiny spunk in a little girl's body!! :) Way to go look great in your uniforms, your pyramid, with your team and especially with those smiling faces shining for the world to see! Tyner Beth and I would love to come watch them sometime!

hicksfamilycircus said...

Glad you feel me. ;)
I'll be sure to let remind you of their next competition. It's on Sat, Feb 4th. Not sure where yet but probably at the BJCC. We'd LOVE to have ya!

Joy said...

I soooo think this is great in so many ways. So proud of the girls. I too, want to come see them in action!

Courtney Long said...

Wow - that's great! Way to go, girls!!