Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yes it's True

I have let a New Year come and go and I've just fallen off the blog wagon. For someone who was so proud of her blogging accomplishments I have let myself down in the cyber world of personal blogdom. However, as I do not really make resolutions I do intend on doing a better job this year of documenting my families memories, journeys, adventures and accomplishments. It just seems life has take a turn for the busier and I'm finding myself either running from here to there, doing household chores or succumbing to my exhaustion. haha...
Anyway, here's to a fantastic, healthy, happy, drama-free, love-filled, Christ-seeking 2012 for my family and the same to yours!!!

This is just a cute shot of my girls back in the fall at Auburn. It has nothing to do with the New Year but I just thought you'd like to see their sweet faces!!


Anonymous said...

I am sooo with you. I feel horrible at how far behind I've gotten and am going to make a concentrated effort to stay with it more this year.

Joy said...

That is a really cute pic of the girls!