Monday, November 26, 2007

My babies are 3!!!!!

Well these pics are a few weeks old but we had a BLAST at the twins' birthday party! As you can see we even got PawPaw to pull out the Christmas Parade Train. The kids loved it.

Gracie and Maggie loved all of their gifts and thanks to all who took time out of their day to spend time with us celebrating my little angels' party day. They also had some extra special help opening their presents from sister Clara P and cousins Emma and Abby Claire!!

Time for the Cake! It was so colorful and good!! We're still working on the blowing out the candles issue. Had to have some help on that one too!! But hey they are princesses we shouldn't have to do it themselves should they???? Hahaha

Happy Birfday to us!! Gracie is on the left and Mags is on the right!!

Here's the pretty Princess Party table before the kidos got to it! We really do appreciate all the help everyone gave. The kids enjoyed time riding golf carts, jumping in the cinderella castle, riding the train and eating cake!! I just can't believe my Gracie Goose and Maggie Mae are actually 3 years old. Their actual birthday was Saturday (iron bowl day)! We took them to see the movie Enchanted and to my surprise they loved it and made it all the way through.
I posted some different pictures on my Myspace page if you want to check those out too!!
I have several other events to blog about so be on the lookout for those.
Love to all and a BIG WAR EAGLE to my Auburn family and Friends!!!!


Aunt Joy said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!! Brady said the kids had a great time at the party. He said they played and played and played! I am so glad the kids are close. He was also impressed with The Christmas Train.

Kim Lawson said...

The kids LOVED the party, the train, the jumpy thing, etc. Oh, the cake was delicious---thanks for saving a piece for me! I love, love, love bday cake!