Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Baby

Happy Birthday Clara Paige.

Mommy is so happy you came to do lunch with me today for your birthday. I hope you enjoyed it and that you always know how special you are to us.
Clara Paige is now 5 years old and Mommy is having a Hard time with it! Where is that baby girl with all the black curly hair? She's a beautiful young lady! I'm scared to blink b/c if I do she'll be grown.
We love you very much little lady.

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Kim Lawson said...

Happy Birthday Clara Paige!!! Abby is looking at the blog with me. Abby said to tell Clara Paige that she loves her!!

Michele, take some deep breaths, dig in and and hang on! That's all I know to do. My baby will be 7 years old in about 2 weeks!!! Maybe you and I just need to have a boo-hoo party after the girls go to sleep at Em's sleep-over!! HA!!