Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here He Is.....

Introducing the infamous Baby Mitchell (Michael).
Please welcome to our family little baby Mitchell. Proud mama is Clara Paige Hicks. Grandparents are Alex & Michele Hicks. Proud aunts are Maggie and Gracie Hicks. We aren't sure where the red hair came from, maybe Granny. I know many of you have been eager to see him so CP took this picture of him resting in his stroller. He's the best kind of baby. He sleeps all the time, never cries and never has to be changed.
I hear Baby Mitchell fever is spreading and that Emma Lawson has requested one for her birthday. Who would have thought?????? Anyway, now you all have seen him and the suspense is over.
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courtney said...

you know, i've got a couple of baby dolls that i still remember playing with at mom/dad's house. i let E/A play with them, but whenever they're done, and i find them lying on the ground somewhere, i always quickly sneak them back up to my room for safe keeping!