Thursday, January 17, 2008

So it's Snow in the Forecast.....

Well they say it's going to Snow Friday night here in Birmingham. That's usually fun and exciting news for a 4 year old but you see well that is when Clara Paige's Hannah Montana Sleepover Birthday Party is! I am moving ahead with the Party and we will just make a game time decision for the Sleep-over but it is just so hard to disappoint your child when they have looked forward to something for so long!

My baby girl will be 5 years old next Wednesday and I just can't believe it. And it figures that it would snow on her party b/c if any of you remember, she was born on the very COLDEST day in history it seemed like. She was so tiny with so much black curly hair. My how time flies and so many moments in her life have become such treasured memories to us!
I'll be sure to give an update on how the Party turns out!
Stay Warm and Cozy this weekend!