Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol - Maggie Style

American Idol Fan
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One of the things me and my girls have started doing over the last few years is to sit and watch American Idol each week. We've been watching off and on since the first season. We've cheered on Reuben (who went to my high school), loved Bo Bice, voted vigorously for Taylor Hicks (no relation) and love our Daughtry CD.
If any of you remember, Clara Paige's first boyfriend was Bo Bice. She was probably not much younger than the twins and she and I were watching American Idol and my sweet baby looked up at me and matter of factly told me that BO was her boyfriend. It was a priceless moment for us.
Anyway, tonight as we all sat in our living room watchin our show, Maggie was in my lap. She looked up at me and with her big blue eyes said, "Mommy one day when I'm on Idol I'm gonna sing Hannah Montana ok?" Of coarse I tell her she can sing whatever she wants to when she's on Idol. Thinking that I have satisfied her whim she comes back several minutes later and touches my face so I will look direcly at her and she asks me, "Mommy, will you come and be there when I'm on Idol?" It was just too sweet and cute.
So, when American Idol, Season 17 comes out you bet you'll see me sitting on the front row watchin my Mags singing Hannah Montana!!


Anonymous said...

Ask her if Aunt Joy can sit on that front row with her Mother!

courtney said...

sweet story! brought sweet tears to my eyes!