Friday, February 1, 2008

Photos by Gracie

Watch out Kim Lawson because here comes Gracie Hicks Photography. The other night Gracie got the camera and just started snapping away. She was so so so proud of herself. So sit back and enjoy some photos of our guest bedroom/computer room compliments of Gracie.
Photos of Photos are always nice. They are better subjects than real people. This kind don't move and run off on ya.
I thought she did pretty good with this one except for the slight thumb in the lower corner. Hey, she's 3!!
This is my personal favorite. We are considering it part of her abstract collection. She named it: View of a 3 year old!
Please disregard the dust you might think you see between the books. Its one of her photography tricks.
Coming soon, pictures by Clara Paige. Maggie hasn't seemed to have shown interest yet.
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Aunt Joy said...

Looks like photography genes are being introduced into the family!

Kim Lawson said...

I think she has great artistic abilities! Gracie and a little Photoshop and we can work some magic!