Wednesday, February 27, 2008


OK leave it to my twins and especially Mags to come up with this one. Sit back and enjoy as I explain the funniest thing Candy and Barbara Parker have ever heard!

First off my girls love to go to Bible class on Sunday morning and LOVE their teachers Ms. Barbara and Ms. Candy. Last weekend Candy told a story on my girls that if you know them is just too hilarious.! I laughed and I cried. Oh the minds of innocent children.

We are still trying to understand the concept of death at our house, particularly the twins. So in Sunday school a couple of weeks ago Maggie announces to everyone that her Grandmother is very sick and that "She Died." So Candy being the sweet and loving person she is said to my girls, "Oh yes she did but she's in Heaven now with Jesus." Both of my twins corrected her and said no "she died." And to that they add that Grandmother is "in the MUD with the FLOWERS." Candy is now confused and tries to direct their thoughts and being as sensitive as she can says, "Well Yes she is up with Jesus now." To which my Maggie points her finger at Ms. Candy and (as I'm told) gets frustrated and tells her,

"NO, SHE is in the MUD with the FLOWERS!!"

Now to explain that, we did take the girls to my granmother's grave site so they could pick some of the flowers from the arrangements to take home and keep. So there is the FLOWER portion of their explanation. Also, we had to explain to the best of our ability that she had been buried under all the dirt that was with the flowers.

And there you have it. When you DIE you go to the MUD with the FLOWERS!!

You may not think this is as funny as we did but again if you know my girls especially Maggie you will understand!! It's a special memory that at times when I feel sad about my loss I can think about this and have a smile. I know my Grandmother would think this was funny.

Oh the heart of a child is Golden!


Lana said...

Too cute! Gotta love children's minds.

Kim Lawson said...

What a story! God-love Mags! You know one day we are gonna miss having stories like these to tell! That's ok. We can just sit together in our rocking chairs and reminisce!

courtney said...

Funny story! Thanks for sharing. Love that picture of the girls!